Hi, I’m Kirsten

I am a mother of two kids and two collies; a bookworm and knowledge addict with a passion for canine behaviour, British drama, cooking, and adventure.

I am also the copywriter, storyteller, and business professional, who gets your audience to notice and remember you. It’s not magic – but rather the combination of knowledge and hard work to persuade your audience to contact you and use your products and services.

My guilty secret

Confession time! I’m notoriously curious and need to get to the bottom of things – always. I can’t stop myself questioning, learning and scrutinising every little detail, until things make sense.

On top of that, psychology has always fascinated me. So much, that as the owner of an abused dog, I nearly became a canine behaviourist instead of a copywriter. However, as a copywriter I was less likely to get bitten…

But still, my curiosity and insatiable hunger for knowledge drive me to understand motivations, business correlations and new trends that I can use to make your copy stand out.

Don’t say it’s impossible…

Ideally, when working in the pharmaceutical industry, you have a scientific degree. I had a Masters in literature and linguistics instead.

Did it matter? Yes! Because I was continually told that without a scientific degree, there would be no career for me in pharma. I accepted the challenge, worked like crazy, got a business degree instead and climbed the career ladder for a while.

How does this matter to you? It matters, because I understand business and marketing, because I understand communications and creative problem solving, because I know how to fight the odds – and because I can offer more than copywriting. I add business consulting to the mix and ensure that my copy is right for your business.

Copywriting is poetry without the hidden meaning

Every spare minute I have, is filled with reading. I love the written word in all its forms. But I cannot stand waffling and believe that clear, short and concise messages work a lot better.

And – because the internet has totally changed the way people read, time is in short supply and attention spans are even shorter. That’s why online, copy has only seconds to catch the audience’s attention or it’s instant death through mouse click.

For me, writing effective copy is like writing poetry. Every word is deliberately chosen to deliver a punch. Every word is written for a reason. Every word should entice to read on.

But there’s no hidden meaning in copy, no need to decode a message, just plain motivation to act. So, don’t hang around and contact me for a chat!

And – if you want to find out some more about me, read my LinkedIn profile, connect and meet me for a coffee!

My Simple, Yet Effective Process

01. Collect & Think

When we start working together you do most of the work. I collect all the information I can get about you, your company, and your audience. Then I think about your brand story.

02. Plan

I’m a mind-mapping kind of girl. All your information (and a little bit more) goes into a mind-map. Then I plan your copy’s structure, pick out all the juicy bits, and place them in the right order.

03. Create

Now the fun part – I start writing, re-writing, proof-reading, and editing your copy. Then I send it back for your feedback and do a bit more editing. Voila! Your copy is created!

04. Achieve

Read my testimonials and you’ll see that my copy achieves results! And – give me some feedback once you’ve sent my copy out into the world.

My Mission: Writing Authentic and Strategic Copy that Connects, Persuades, and Tells a Powerful Story

I strongly believe in the importance of a mission, because that gives me strategic direction – and I believe in values, because they keep me on track and define how I work.

Value 01

Never Stop Learning

Constant learning takes some effort but also a lot of fun. It means listening (more than talking), reading widely, meeting people, researching the unknown, reflecting on the outcome, and trying to be better the next time round.

With the ever-increasing speed of change we need to be agile and daring. Learning allows us to stay ahead of the game and have fun while doing so. It is also about exchanging ideas with others, inspiring creativity, learning from each other, and forming synergies.

The knowledge we create allows us to move forward and be rewarded with progress.

How do I bring it to life?

I’m never without something to read and use every minute I can to learn from books, people, and other sources. Talking and working with others triggers my creativity and provides new insights and ideas that will work out.

Value 02

Never give up

Sometimes, solving a problem is not straight forward. We get stuck and can’t find a rational solution. That’s the time to step away from structured thinking and get creative to find an out-of-the-box solution. Creativity is fun, motivates, gives a different perspective, and allows gut feelings to have a say.

But more than anything – creativity fuels innovation – and often is what is needed to stand out.

It might take a few tries, but if rational thinking doesn’t produce the results – creativity surely will.

How do I bring it to life?

I’m a mind-mapping person and most creative when my thoughts are in free-flow. Everyone has a different way to get some head-space. For me, it’s a good run with my dogs or a spontaneous mini-workshop with an open-minded thinker.

If the situation warrants it – I work with Creative Problem Solving techniques, because  I believe that a grain of a solution can be found even in the weirdest ideas.

Value 03

Quality rules

Always try to be as good as you can and then still be a bit better.

Quality is a must, because there is nothing more powerful than happy clients. Quality makes clients happy, lets them return and brings referrals. And – after all – quality speaks to my German soul and makes me proud.

How do I bring it to life?

Knowledge, meticulous preparation, and revision are my keys to success. That’s why a large part of my work is done before I start writing. There are worksheets and questionnaires, interviews and questioning sessions that tickle out all the important information.

I am an information hamster and quality is created when I match knowledge with experience to write copy that is authentic and personalised. It’s a bit like creating Cinderella’s slipper –  it fits you only and gets you all the good stuff.

Value 04

Connect & stay connected

Being and staying connected has many layers. Keeping in touch with the outside world – customers, competitors, networking groups, social media, friends, and family –  is not always easy. But it keeps me up to date with news, changes, and developments. It lets me understand the needs and pain points of my clients that I can address with my writing.

How do I bring it to life?

I am an introvert and need my thinking space. The virtual world is often my first choice (for different reasons), but I value and enjoy the company of others. After all, nothing beats catching up with an old friend over a few glasses of wine – or the exhilaration of watching your kids at a competition.

Well, and professionally, there are networking meetings, that have become incredibly valuable to me, because they can be a source of learning, inspiration, news, ideas, and clients. In short – staying connected enables me to deliver a better service.

Value 05

Be honest & true to yourself

I believe that an honest (and sometimes uncomfortable) opinion is worth more than dishonest agreement.

I’m not afraid to give my true opinion, but I’m always sensitive and diplomatic. Being my true self and discovering the real personalities of others holds great value, because it’s the key to the passion and reason of why we do what we do.

Sticking to your values and treating each other with respect – in business and in daily life – pays off.

How do I bring it to life?

It might be a German thing – but I can be quite direct. But never fear – as a copywriter, I can wrap it up in some nice words.

Figuring out the essence of a person and a business, extracting the story that will excite an audience, and disagreeing in a constructive way, are part of what I do. When I’m working closely with someone, the chemistry must be right.

After all, I don’t want to produce generic copy – I take pride in producing personalised and authentic copy. My writing is not “off the shelf” but rather tailor made. And that’s what I believe in.


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