Hi there, I’m Kirsten


Just let me explain in a bit more detail…

I’m an idea generator and storyteller

You might be staring at a blank page right now, not knowing what to write.

But when I’m working with people, my mind races and I create ideas by the dozen. New ways of doing things, different angles to look at an old problem, new names, and taglines…

And of course, discovering (brand) stories and putting them into the right words, in the right sequence, with the right copywriting techniques.

I’m a strategist

I find alternative ways on how to do things and I love digging into different scenarios to spot relevant patterns and issues (and ways to address them).

I love sorting out messes and creating sound strategies including how to reach your goal.

I’m a learner

I will never have enough knowledge and have collected a few degrees on the way:

A Masters in English/Russian Literature & Linguistics
A teaching degree
A copywriting diploma

I simply enjoy learning and it makes my day if you let me learn about yourself, your business, problems, and ways of doing things. But most of all – I love to create and improve things. There’s always a way of doing things better.

I’m a teacher

As a solopreneur, it’s only you. The success of your business depends on you alone.

And that’s the tough bit – solopreneurs don’t have teams they can work with. Solopreneurs need sounding boards and external input. They need constant learning to stay ahead of the pack.

That’s why I like you to understand every step of my content creation process so that, in the end, you have more tools in your toolkit to lead rather than follow. A killer business pitch and brand story are just a side-effect.

I’m a peoples’ person

Psychology, communication, figuring out how people think, why they do what they do, how they are different and what their unique qualities are, fascinates me.

That’s why I’m absolutely focused on figuring out my clients’ superpowers and their clients’ customer persona, wants, and needs. Matching these is magic and brings great results.

Introspection & reflection – I just cannot stop it

I guess that’s why I have trouble falling asleep and why I take my dogs on really long walks. Maybe you know the feeling – there are a million things going on in your head and you need the space to sort through everything until you’ve found the concept that really works for you.

But let me tell you now why I got so hooked up on storytelling and superpowers…

Sometimes you need to be shocked into being yourself

I still remember the moment that unexpectedly ended my corporate career.

I recall the view from the board room window, the colour of the carpet, the dried-up Christmas tree that we hadn’t thrown out yet, and my confidence being pulled out from under my feet.

I had just been fired – and in hindsight – that was the best thing that could have happened to me.

Because it made me realise that I wasn’t made for a corporate career. I had (quite successfully) climbed the career ladder for a number of years. Always fighting the odds, proving that I could do a great job in the pharmaceutical world without having a science degree.

Being YOU is not a flaw – it’s an asset and advantage

I was the “odd manager out”, the manager who had an art and a business degree instead of a science degree. I also did things differently.

Unfortunately, I had stepped on quite a few toes in the process. But how did that happen?

Simply by working the way I work best: thinking out of the box, being unconventional, asking heaps of questions, sorting through messes, discovering patterns, introducing change, creating new systems, and improving processes.

Ooops! That was not how things were done within that business culture. But it proved how right my approach was because I got results and I really enjoyed working my way.

I also realised that I needed to work for myself and at a faster pace, with decision makers, visionaries, business owners – with people who “own” their business and their brand and want to make their business work NOW.

It’s all about YOU and your strengths

… And how you can maximise the impact of your personality.

That’s why I write story-based copy that uses your strengths, your personality, your ideas, and style to provide better products and services to your clients.

And it’s about your story

There’s a lot of power in stories. Our brains are addicted to stories. Like drugs, stories release hormones that steer our emotions.

Among a whole bunch of emotions, they can give us warm fuzzy feelings, make us anxious, motivate us, let us bond – depending on the hormone your story releases.

This is really powerful stuff! Storytelling is the key to steer your audience’s emotions. And we all know that (not only our buying) decisions are made emotionally.

So, what are you waiting for? Let us chat and see which story will do the magic for you.

And – if you want to find out some more about me, read my LinkedIn profile, connect and meet me for a coffee!

My Simple, Yet Effective Process

01. Kicking Things Off

A first hello

We’ll have a first free call where we talk about your business, your needs and goals that you want to reach with your content.

We’ll ask each other lots of questions and find out if we can work together.

Let’s meet

If that’s all good – we’ll schedule an online or face to face meeting. We’ll talk about the WHY, HOW and WHAT behind your project, your audience, and figure out the timelines and scope.

Then I’ll let you know what I need from you and how we are going to move forward.

I’ll write a detailed quote and statement of work that you can review and sign off. That’s to ensure that we are on the same page.

Agreed? Yay! Then I’ll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit and we can start working together!

02. Collecting & Planning

Finding all the details

I’ll send you a number of worksheets to learn everything about you and your business. If you have questions, I’ll help you to find the details I need from you.

No need to panic if you think that you don’t have enough information or that you don’t have a great story to tell.

My worksheets are designed to take you through that process step-by-step and you can add some valuable customer feedback.

Planning Your Content

I’m a mind-mapping kind of girl. All your information (and a little bit more) goes into a mind-map. Then we agree on your brand story, I plan your copy’s structure, pick out all the juicy bits, and place them in the right order.

03. Creating


If you have a designer, I’ll work with your designer to ensure that my content fits your website design.

I’ll make sure that the content addresses your clients’ pain points and that I’ve got the right framework.


Now the fun part – I start writing, giving you updates, asking for feedback, re-writing, proof-reading, and editing your copy. Then I send it back for your final feedback and do a bit more editing.

Once you are happy and have approved the content, I’ll send you an invoice for the final 50% and send you all content documents.

04. Launching

Ready for take-off?

Last checks with your designer to make sure that design and content match – and then your content is ready to be sent out into the world!

Congratulations! Your story is life to create an impact on your customers’ minds!

My Mission: Writing unique and story-based content that connects with your audience, triggers emotions, and leads to responses

I strongly believe in the importance of a mission, because that gives me strategic direction – and I believe in values, because they keep me on track and define how I work.

Value 01

Never Stop Learning

Constant learning takes some effort but is also a lot of fun. It means listening (more than talking), reading widely, meeting people, researching the unknown, reflecting on the outcome, and trying to be better the next time round.

With the ever-increasing speed of change we need to be agile and daring. Learning allows us to stay ahead of the game and have fun while doing so. It is also about exchanging ideas with others, inspiring creativity, learning from each other, and forming synergies.

The knowledge we create allows us to move forward and be rewarded with progress.

How do I bring it to life?

I’m never without something to read and use every minute I can to learn from books, people, and other sources. Talking and working with others triggers my creativity and provides new insights and ideas that will work out.

Value 02

Never give up

Sometimes, solving a problem is not straight forward. We get stuck and can’t find a rational solution. That’s the time to step away from structured thinking and get creative to find an out-of-the-box solution. Creativity is fun, motivates, gives a different perspective, and allows gut feelings to have a say.

But more than anything – creativity fuels innovation – and often is what is needed to stand out.

It might take a few tries, but if rational thinking doesn’t produce the results – creativity surely will.

How do I bring it to life?

I’m a mind-mapping person and most creative when my thoughts are in free-flow. Everyone has a different way to get some head-space. For me, it’s a good run with my dogs or a spontaneous mini-workshop with an open-minded thinker.

If the situation warrants it – I work with Creative Problem Solving techniques, because  I believe that a grain of a solution can be found even in the weirdest ideas.

Value 03

Quality rules

Always try to be as good as you can and then still be a bit better.

Quality is a must, because there is nothing more powerful than happy clients. Quality makes clients happy, lets them return and brings referrals. And – after all – quality speaks to my German soul and makes me proud.

How do I bring it to life?

Knowledge, meticulous preparation, and revision are my keys to success. That’s why a large part of my work is done before I start writing. There are worksheets and questionnaires, interviews and questioning sessions that tickle out all the important information.

I am an information hamster and quality is created when I match knowledge with experience to write copy that is authentic and personalised. It’s a bit like creating Cinderella’s slipper –  it fits you only and gets you all the good stuff.

Value 04

Connect & stay connected

Being and staying connected has many layers. Keeping in touch with the outside world – customers, competitors, networking groups, social media, friends, and family –  is not always easy. But it keeps me up to date with news, changes, and developments. It lets me understand the needs and pain points of my clients that I can address with my writing.

How do I bring it to life?

I am an introvert and need my thinking space. The virtual world is often my first choice (for different reasons), but I value and enjoy the company of others. After all, nothing beats catching up with an old friend over a few glasses of wine – or the exhilaration of watching your kids at a competition.

Well, and professionally, I love meeting other professionals. That has become incredibly valuable to me because others are a source of learning, inspiration, news, ideas, and clients. In short – staying connected enables me to deliver a better service.

Value 05

Be honest & true to yourself

I believe that an honest (and sometimes uncomfortable) opinion is worth more than dishonest agreement.

I’m not afraid to give my true opinion, but I’m always sensitive and diplomatic. Being my true self and discovering the real personalities of others holds great value, because it’s the key to the passion and reason of why we do what we do.

Sticking to your values and treating each other with respect – in business and in daily life – pays off.

How do I bring it to life?

It might be a German thing – but I can be quite direct. But never fear – as a copywriter, I can wrap it up in some nice words.

Figuring out the essence of a person and a business, extracting the story that will excite an audience, and disagreeing in a constructive way, are part of what I do. When I’m working closely with someone, the chemistry must be right.

After all, I don’t want to produce generic copy – I take pride in producing personalised and authentic copy. My writing is not “off the shelf” but rather tailor-made. And that’s what I believe in.

Value 06

Know yourself

Know your strengths. Know your flaws. Own your story.

Only when you know what you are really good at you can specialise and help others with your skills. And don’t be afraid to be different. With difference comes innovation.

But also know your weak points and your limits. No need to botch things up – work with those that have the skills you don’t.

Just be yourself and the best you can be. Others will seek you out for it.

How do I bring it to life?

I’m done with fitting into a box. I’m working in a way that lets me use my strengths to achieve best results. And I use processes that work for me and my clients.

That includes taking time to understand my clients’ and their business’ strengths, needs, wants, purpose, and pain points. That also includes figuring these things out for my clients’ clients – so that I can match strengths with needs.

And because I’m aware of my limits, I work with other skilled professionals that can do those things well that I’m not good at.


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