Story-based & authentic content for Solopreneurs

Your story told to sell

Be the hero of your success story!

As a solopreneur, you are battling villains on too many digital, marketing, time, and budget fronts.

But you’re here and you mean business!

You probably know that you’ve got unique strengths, drive, a mission and a goal inside you –  and that it’s wise (and faster) to pick up an ally who’ll help you succeed.

And here’s where I come in. As a professional storyteller:

  • I’ll help you discover your entrepreneurial superpowers
  • I’ll help you identify an audience who really needs and wants your help
  • I’ll condense your strengths, skills, and experience into an authentic story that builds your success

This is all you need to do to write your success story:

Work with me. As easy as that!

I’ll guide you through the whole process that uncovers:

  • WHO you are and what your story is (minus the imposter syndrome)
  • WHY you do what you do (and how that can be very contagious)
  • WHAT you do (an awful lot better than others), and
  • HOW you stand out (because you are you!)

And then I’ll write your business story – a story that is

  • targeting the right audience – and
  • persuading your audience to take action – and
  • setting you up to write an even better business sequel

So, what are you waiting for? Well, you’ve got two options:

What My Customers Have To Say

Some feedback that I received for my writing

Kirsten wrote the material for the “About Us” segment for my website. I expected Kirsten to go through my CV and write up something; but she spent about two hours with me asking me questions to get to know me as a person beyond who I am as an accountant. She got me confessing of my love of chocolates and interest in quantum physics! I was impressed by Kirsten’s approach which was refreshingly different and authentic. At the end of our meeting I told Kirsten that I feel I have known her for a very long time!”

Amali Fonseca
Accounting Focus

“Kirsten is a true professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her guidance and helpful ideas have supported me reach my goals.

Kirsten is very knowledgeable and walked me through the process while making many positive suggestions along the way. Her tips and willingness to help have made a huge difference. She provided me with ideas from her research, worksheets to guide and explained all the terms in an easy to understand way.

The best thing I liked about Kirsten was she worked very hard to understand exactly what I was trying to achieve and worked with me. I actually felt she truly wanted me to succeed and was part of my plan.

I am truly grateful for all her assistance and guidance and would not hesitate to use her services again.”

Haydon Mattson – NZ Property Lawyer

“What differentiated Kirsten’s work was the depth of understanding gained in the initial engagement period. This investment of her time and approach then easily translating into  unique, timely and quality outputs. From my perspective, she delivered a bespoke product that captured and clearly portrayed my personal brand. A great investment and interaction”

Ian Gray

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