“I didn’t have time to write a short letter, so I wrote a long one instead.”

– Mark Twain

The Word Distiller is all about taking time to understand you, your brand story and your needs to write precise and effective copy

Copywriting for the Web

Your USP is one of the most important features that makes you stand out. And you have to make sure that your website copy puts your USP in the limelight.

“No problem there”, you might think, “I can quickly write something”.

Everyone can write copy – or maybe not?

Sure, you can, probably even better than I can sing. But when my dogs left the bathroom when I was singing in the shower, I realised, that I’d better leave the singing to the experts.

The same applies to writing. Everyone can write. But that doesn’t automatically mean that you’re an expert and write in a way that your audience is fascinated by your website copy.

What’s more – should your audience make it to the end of your page, you’d also like them to take action –  which should be contacting you or hitting the “BUY NOW!” button.

Whatever you want to achieve with your website, great copywriting makes a difference. If you want your:

  • Home page
  • About me page
  • Services page
  • Vision, mission & values
  • Landing page
  • and your blog

stand out – then CONTACT ME and we’ll have a chat how I can:

  • Find our brand story
  • Hit your target audience
  • Write a captivating headline
  • Communicate a powerful message & make everything sound exciting
  • Understand the strategy behind your content
  • Convey customer benefits
  • Persuade your audience
  • And help creating organic traffic to your website

Or if you prefer things to be written down, then complete my contact form and I’ll get back to you.

Writing for Professionals

Changing your career? Here’s how you get the job you want:

Changing your career or gaining traction through your LinkedIn profile is no different to selling a product or a service. Only that now YOU are the product that’s on the market.

Have you ever been in the position of reviewing 50 job applications? Then you know that reading though a pile of applications can feel like Groundhog Day. One application is just like the other.

So, if you want to stand out like an individual amongst the Borg, then get a CV, cover letter and LinkedIn profile that is different, concise, and exciting.

Because, if you don’t have the right connections or money to bribe the decision maker, then an outstanding cover letter and CV are the only way to get you the interview.

And, because writing a cover letter is similar to writing a sales letter – you need a strong headline to grab attention, walk through the “un-missable” benefits of working with you, prove that you can do what you say, and impress the reader into contacting you.

That’s exactly what I do as a copywriter. So, it’s a great idea to contact me and talk about how to make your career change happen!

Content Marketing

No impact without a strategy – why your content marketing needs a strategy

Almost every business or entrepreneur is creating online content like blog posts, podcasts, videos, white papers or e-books in the hope to be found online and boost sales. Some of it is really, really good – but still – most of the content is forgotten as soon as it’s out in the web.

The reason – if you want results, you need a strategy. Your content marketing strategy is the roadmap that streamlines all your efforts to reach one single goal. It makes sure that everything you do is geared towards engaging your clients, making them choose you, and persuading them to buy your stuff.

With the right strategy, you could even re-purpose your existing content. If that makes sense to you, then I’ll produce that content marketing strategy for you and create content that aligns with your strategy.

Business Writing

Your website is not the only place you need good storytelling. What about:

  • Presentations
  • Sales letters
  • Proposals
  • Company profiles
  • Brochures or
  • Sales pitches?

Telling your brand story and giving you the advantage you need

Because – a good presentation makes you a better presenter, an effective sales letter gets more response, a well written proposal reassures and shows off your strengths, a comprehensive company profile answers a lot of questions upfront, a stunning brochure makes you memorable, and a great sales pitch gets you talking to the right audience.

My Secret to Great Copywriting

Have you really covered your business basics?

Sometimes you are too close to your own business, you can only see features but not the benefits. You tell your clients about all the good stuff that you can do, but forget to tell them what your good stuff does for them.

Especially when starting or re-inventing your business it is important to kick all the basics into shape. How would you otherwise know that you are doing the right thing? And how should your clients know that they should use you rather than the guy down the road? What’s the thing you do differently to make things easier, safer, or better?

How do people know they can trust you? Testimonials are one way, but having mission, vision, and value statements in place is not only an option, but a must. They create trust, define your personality, and justify the existence of your business.

Getting the basics in order, gives you clarity and ultimately helps your clients understand what you are all about.

So, let’s sit down and kick the basics into shape!

You need prices? Get a quote here:

Requirements depend on your business and your needs – and because they vary enormously, I’d rather give you a quote that exactly meets your needs.

Copy for the Web

Single pages or the whole lot

The whole lot

Get the whole package including structure, mission, vision, values, tagline & all pages

Specific pages

You don’t need the whole lot, but just part of the package? No problem! Just let me know what you need!

Single page

There’s only one page you’d like to have written? Sure – I can do that!

Content Marketing

Get strategic and shift your marketing online

Starter Pack

Content marketing strategy, editorial calendar & 6 or 12 blog posts

Bare necessities

Just plain blog posts – as many as you need

Spreading the news

Newsletters tailored to your business

Writing for Professionals

One document or more…

Power Business package

CV, Cover Letter & LinkedIn Profile

Job Finder Package

CV & Cover Letter

The 1-off

Either a CV, Cover Letter or LinkedIn Profile – you choose!

Business Writing

Business documents that stand out

Impact through professional documents

Presentations, company profiles & brochures packed with relevant information

Results through copywriting

Need a reaction? Sales letters, proposals & anything that needs a response

Your business in one minute

Struggling to pitch your business in one minute? Get a script that impresses!

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