Why you can do great blog research with Pinterest

I used to Google everything. Now I don’t. Especially when researching ideas and background information for my blogs, I go to Pinterest first.

pWhat used to be primarily a visual collection tool, has turned into an encyclopaedia. Bloggers, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home mums, consultants, gardeners, artists and basically everyone who likes to collect something, is contributing and pinning on Pinterest. Sometimes I get carried away just browsing and discovering little gems that I pin to my boards.

I pin things that look nice, things I find interesting, things I think I want to look at later, things that I’m researching, things that could be relevant to my work and sometimes things that are just nice. That sounds quite chaotic, but the opposite is the case. You can organise your findings on pin boards that are relevant to you. You can sort your pins into your own categories that will help you to compile all your research in the right place.

Keyword research made easy

As a copywriter you want your content to be found online. To be found, you need the right keywords. You need keywords that turn up in long tail searches and keywords that are trending. On Pinterest, your always find new posts, people are searching for something specific and they are using specific keywords to do so. With the right keywords, you can attract viewers to your pins (and website) and you can find related keywords to use or explore further.

Each Pin has a short description that contains a keyword. It is not the image you should pay attention to, but more the snippet of information underneath the pin. And when you create your own pins, make sure that your pin description contains strong keywords. Skimming pin descriptions can give you loads of ideas for keywords.

Browsing Pins inspires your writing

Other pins can trigger your thoughts

Other pins can trigger your thoughts

I love browsing new pins. Sometimes I just pin them for later reading, other times use the link straight away and immediately read the pin content. It is like picking someone else’s brain. I find new points I haven’t thought about, points that trigger my thinking and inspire me to look at my topic from a different angle.

As a freelance copywriter, you mostly work on your own and can’t brainstorm with other people. Browsing pins helps me a lot, because I can investigate already well thought out trains of thought. Sometimes other pins even shift the focus of the topic I am working on and they always add more branches to my mind maps.

Pin boards are free research packages

A treasure chest of pins!

One of the best features of Pinterest for researchers is finding and following existing boards that are relevant to the topic you are researching. Often you find boards that have already pinned large numbers of content that you can explore without searching any further. That’s your research done! And if you choose to follow interesting boards or people, you will receive some of their pins in your daily newsfeed.

Another great feature is joining or starting collaborative boards. You can contribute pins to collaborative boards or invite people to contribute to your boards. It’s a great way of sharing knowledge and getting ideas from others (especially if these people don’t even live in the same country as you).

Make Pinterest part of your social media marketing strategy

If you haven’t done it yet – make Pinterest part of your social media marketing strategy. It’s easy to start, self-explanatory and with some pinning effort you will quickly increase your follower base. It’s a lot less time consuming than Facebook and I find that the newsfeed has a better quality.

And before I forget – check out the analytics for Pinterest, they are pretty powerful too.

Besides all that business stuff that you can do with Pinterest, you could also just look for recipes or DIY tips. That works equally well.




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