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5 Essentials for

Clarity, Connection, Confidence & Conversion

Defining authentic brand messages that break down barriers

This workbook introduces you to the foundational principles of greater brand messaging clarity so that you can show up with greater clarity, confidence, and impact!

What you'll discover in this free guide...

The foundational framework to brand messaging clarity

The first step to understanding yourself & your point of difference

The entry point to understanding your clients & their subconscious desires

Essential knowledge for articulating the benefits & outcomes of your offer

The core concept for developing a memorable brand

How content strategy lets every piece of content contribute to your success

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I am Kirsten Back, an inquisitive word lover and knowledge sponge with a mind for strategies.
And you are an expert (re-)defining, building, and growing your brand. You want to focus on serving your clients rather than wrestling with words.
As a "Word Distiller", I help you to clarify and define your brand messaging so that you can communicate with impact, authenticity, and ease.
And for that, you need to build foundations that give you a framework and a system of messages that connect, nurture, and convert.

The workbook that you can download here will introduce you to the 5 Essentials for clarity, connection, confidence, and conversion, so that you can start defining authentic brand messages that break down barriers.

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