Customer Avatar Vision Board

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 a customer avatar vision board

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This free workbook helps you to answer questions that you need to know about your ideal customers and a Canva template that makes it easy to create a customer avatar vision board that goes deep!

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What you'll discover in this free vision board workbook...

A Canva template that you can customise with images that represent your perfect client

Questions that you need to answer to understand your avatar's psychographics

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I'm Kirsten Back, a word nerd with a mind for strategies.
A few qualifications and years of management experience later, I'm a brand messaging strategist and copywriter.
I'm helping my clients - people just like you - find the right words and stories to make their businesses visible, heard and loved - so that they attract an audience of engaged followers, and fill their programmes and schedules with the right clients.
And part of that is understanding your customers in more depth so that you can tailor your offers exactly to their needs and refine your messaging to resonate and connect with your perfect clients.

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