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How to write 

 content that engages

Super-engaging content without writer's block or overwhelm

Using knowledge, strategy, and psychology to create copy and content that subconsciously connects with the right audience

This free mini-course reveals content writing techniques and insights that allow you to write super-engaging content for a specific effect -  faster!

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How planning makes sure that your content is what your clients are desperate to know

The difference between copy and content and how that matters for your writing

THE writing structures that make your audience read to the end and lets your message stay in their minds for longer

A writing process that automatically moves you past your writer's block and into creative flow & lets you write faster

4 types of posts you can write to deliberately achieve specific outcomes

The topics that your people really want to read about

Hi there!

I'm Kirsten Back, a word nerd with a mind for strategies.
A few qualifications and years of management experience later, I'm a brand messaging strategist and copywriter.
I'm helping my clients - people just like you - find the right words and stories to make their businesses visible, heard and loved - so that they attract an audience of engaged followers, and fill their programmes and schedules with the right clients.
How? I teach you how to become your own best copy and content writer. I teach you the foundations, tools, techniques, and strategies to write messages that make your readers feel understood and excited to work with you.

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