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Have you ever thought that you can master your own content and copywriting to a level that you can create meaningful social media content and web pages that nurture your audience and lead to consistent sales for your small but transformational business?

The doors open in...



THE WORD DISTILLERY Content & Copywriting membership for small service-based businesses

The Word Distillery Membership lets you join a community that leads you through your journey to content and copywriting mastery.

This monthly membership also gives you immediate access to teaching videos, worksheets, templates, as well as live support and mastermind workshops...

I have founded this community to make your business visible, valued, and trusted - and let you sell with confidence and authenticity.

If you are a coach, consultant or service provider who's driven by a purpose that makes a difference and you catch yourself thinking...

"I don't know what and how to write to be visible and get engagement", "I struggle with consistently posting meaningful content" or "It takes me ages to create content because I can't get my thoughts down in writing"... (or you just want to get some techniques, frameworks, and structures that get you the engagement you want and make writing so much easier for you)... 

Then you've found a solution that builds you up from foundations to mastery!

The Word Distillery Content & Copywriting Membership

If you look at the stats...

The content that you share with your audience is the core driver for people to connect and build a relationship with you (that leads to referrals and sales).

But creating meaningful content strategically and consistently can be a bit of a struggle... 

At times you can't come up with topics you consider worth sharing

Other content creators write so much better

There's no flow and structure and you're not sure which point you're driving home

And you find it hard to plan your content even a week ahead because there's no strategy behind it!

And to add to this - you freak out because you haven't even started your email marketing (because you don't know how to)!

That's the fastest route to content creation fatigue and growth stagnation.

But think about it for a few seconds…  

Your audience wants to connect on a deeper level.

People want to consume content that challenges them to think and enables them to be more of themselves and feel better. They want to be seen and nurtured AND be able to imagine how your solution changes their lives and opens up new opportunities.  

On top of that, they want to read copy that convinces and converts without being pressured or manipulated!   

When you have mastered the skills to do all that - then you can see your audience grow, engage, and ask to work with you.

I see it every day - small business owners desperately wanting to outsource their content and copywriting because they are stressed and stretched to the limit.

This is why I have created this membership. 

Opening the doors to the Word Distillery Content & Copywriting Membership!

The Word Distillery Content & Copywriting Membership takes you on a journey to become your own best copywriter.

At your own pace and within a community that has the same goals as you.    

It's a place where you can learn to master all the content and copywriting skills that you need to market and grow your business online:

Digital content like social media posts, blog posts or lead magnets

Marketing emails

Social media profiles...     

And all built on a foundation of proven copywriting tools and techniques, content strategy, and storytelling principles.

This membership systematically builds your writing knowledge and skills in a safe environment and with a dose of accountability.

You can literally see your writing skills grow with every week you focus on your writing.

What would it feel like to be able to…

Create strategic content and a calendar that saves you from "spontaneous writer's block"?

Transform the words and ideas in your head into content that captivates your audience from the first to last word?

Grow into a thought leader who inspires (a steadily growing number of ) others

Show up confidently and authentically with all your messages?

I assume that it would make you feel amazing...

Coming soon...

The Word Distillery Content & Copywriting Membership

A growth-focused community to develop writing skills that make your business visible, valued and trusted so that you can sell with atuhenticity and confidence.

Raise your hand to join the membership that gives you access to... 

Monthly Live Training Sessions & Foundational Online Courses

A bunch of foundational online courses and live online training that focuses on a specific area of messaging, copywriting or content creation.

Monthly Hot Seat & Strategy Calls

A live session where you can apply for a slot to deep-dive into a challenge that you are facing right now!

Monthly Q&A Updates

A webinar-style event where I answer all your copy, content & messaging-related questions

Monthly Online Workshops & Replay Library

This is for the Doers amongst you. We are creating copy and content together, practice writing skills, or dip into creative methods like mind mapping...

Member Networking & Accountability

It's hard to get stuff done when you're on your own.

Here you can network, team up, and find accountability partners.

Peer Feedback Group

Sometimes you need a second pair of eyes on your writing.

Here you can share copy and content that you'd like to get peer feedback on.

Early Bird Membership Price:

$47 USD / Month

Cancel any month - no strings attached or questions asked!

So, why, you might ask, are you committing so much of your time and resources to this super affordable membership?

It's because I believe that you and your small business deserve to be successful - so that you can achieve your goals and vision based on a skillset that will fuel your growth infinitely.

This membership is part of my business's purpose and as a small business owner myself, it's forever been my dream to empower others through a skillset that has enabled me to achieve so much!

And as a nice (slightly selfish) side effect - so that I can create a community that shares heaps of meaningful content online.    

The small monthly subscription fee will empower you to do big things!  


How do you know that this is exactly what you need?

You run a small business as a coach, consultant or service provider centred around you as the driver of your brand. But you find it increasingly hard to share the high-quality content that your audience wants from you.

You understand that meaningful content is the key to connect, build relationships and convert. Your content needs a personality, voice, and strategy to be visible and deliver value to your audience.

You were made to believe that you can't write OR you don't know how to write in a way that stirs up minds and challenges people to think. And besides that, it stresses you out that writing takes up far too much of your time!

You think that you have no interesting stories to tell and that your life has been pretty ordinary with nothing to share that positively shifts the minds of the people you serve.

Your dream is to outsource your writing to a professional but you're not sure what to tell them to capture your voice and message AND at the moment your budget doesn't stretch as far as hiring a good writer 

Your copy and content are not getting you the results you expected and you don't know how to change that so that your business thrives and you get known as a serious expert. 

If you're nodding your head to these points - then this membership is definitely right for you!

Who's behind the Word Distillery?

We are a human - canine team (no joke!)!!

I believe that purpose and action grow from clarity, a need to contribute, and intention
(+ the ability to translate these into words that connect, inspire, and compel to take action).

The Word Distiller is a team of Kirsten (Copywriter & Brand Messaging Strategist) and Jamie (Canine Clarity Assistant) who strive to empower purposeful entrepreneurs to communicate with more impact and clarity so that they and their clients can imagine and build better futures.

While I have the privilege to work with amazing clients, he ensures that I have enough time to reflect and find inspiration (on the beach or in the forest)...

A little recap...

Ummm, remind me - what am I getting into?

Foundational online courses that I will build out further every month - so that you can deepen your knowledge base at your own pace

An online community with different channels including a networking and accountability feature - so that you steadily progress and develop

Monthly Q&A updates - to answer your most burning questions to get you unstuck

Monthly online workshops & a replay library - for you to take action on the spot and recap what you learned

A peer feedback group - so that you get thoughtful feedback from people who like to see you succeed

Monthly hot seats & strategy calls - deep-dive into a challenge that you are facing right now!

And pssst...

The online courses contain pre-recorded teaching videos and workbooks.

You might have a few questions...

This membership is not based on "fill in the blanks" templates. It is based on marketing, content and copywriting frameworks and writing techniques that you can apply straight away. Based on what you learn, you can create copy and content that stems from your unique differentiation and the knowledge that you have about yourself, your business, and your brand.

The goal is to help you master writing and become your own best copy and content creator without all the frustrations that you are experiencing right now but with a new skillset that will power your marketing and writing for as long as you want.

The focus is on empowering you to create meaningful and valuable content that connects and lets you build relationship with people who are aligned with you and with all that you believe in and stand for.

And with that knowledge, you will be able to outsource your writing much more effectively - if you so desire!

I am charging a monthly membership fee at the beginning of each month. You will have access to the membership until the last day of the month that you have paid for. You can terminate your membership during any running month.

I cannot give you any guarantees with regards to how exactly your copy and content will work out. Your copy and content are part of a larger system that contains many factors that influence performance - which I cannot control or influence.

The best copy cannot convert if it cannot be found or if you are talking to the wrong people.

A lot depends on the implementation and the systems and processes around your business and marketing. Content and copywriting are not magic pills but if they are practised and embedded in the right environment, they can achieve amazing outcomes.

No problem! You can always book extra time with me. The only thing that you need to do is click the button below and book your 2-hour session for $397 USD!

This framework works particularly well for service-based offers and online courses. However, you can use it for any product or service you are offering. 

No, you can share your content and copy on any social media platform that works for you.

To write copy, you don't need to be a "born" writer. However, it helps if you are writing regularly because that lets you find your "voice" with more ease.

And part of the membership's purpose is to help you start a regular writing habit that will make it easier for you to create high-quality content consistently.

You'll learn all the copywriting techniques you need for growing your audience and to sell with authenticity and confidence. 

A final thought that you might want to consider...

Great copywriters and content creators are not born fully fledged and "gifted" with divine writing abilities - they grow and develop with time!

They spend many hours reading, learning, writing, asking, practising - consistently!

It's the knowledge combined with the practice and the accountability that keep them motivated and let them grow into writers that are able to create content that gives them visibility, provides value, and helps them build trusting relationships that let them thrive!

And with The Word Distillery Membership you get the resources and opportunity to do all that without paying a hefty price tag.

So, if you want to... 

Learn the foundations of content and copywriting

Tap into the power of business storytelling 

Be able to consistently create meaningful content

Write website copy that converts

Get visible and grow your reputation and business...

Then the Word Distillery Membership is exactly right for you!

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