Breaking Through the Noise 

Strategic brand messaging for Purposeful small business owners  

Confidently make your business visible, heard & loved with memorable messages

Your messages plant the seeds of what you want to be noticed and remembered for.

Clarity and the knowledge of how you can cut through the noise and be remembered by those you love to work with are the foundation to grow your business.

Visibility is the result of clear, consistent, and precisely worded messages that reflect your unique personality and offer.

Attention is paid to you when you share the same beliefs and deliver value to those who need your support.

Loyalty is given to you when you use your knowledge to create a lasting impact on the lives of those you help.

These are the ingredients you need to grow your business and to reach your goals...

And it all comes down to one thing - a messaging strategy that supports your goals and the words that make you visible, heard, and loved.

Maybe you need more than a quick fix for your sales page...

If you cannot find the right words that persuade your audience to work with you, or...

struggle with translating your thoughts into concise statements that make your audience feel understood, or...

realise that templates make you cringe because you'd never talk like that, and...

you feel lost because you should know your authentic brand voice - but don't...

because you also believe that you don't have a brand story worth listening to - and anyway...

you don't know where to start with getting that sales page written...

Then maybe you should team up with someone who can pull out all the messages and words that are stuck in your mind.

Someone who shows you how to extract all those messages that your clients want and need to hear.

Someone who shares all the knowledge and the processes you need while either working with you 1:1 or teaching you online.

In case you are wondering...
How is working with me different, anyway?

Knowledge is power!  

I believe in the transformative power of knowledge and that's why I share heaps of knowledge.

But acquiring and implementing knowledge takes effort.  

So, working with me is best for:

Business owners who want more after a successful corporate career & are now running a business based on their knowledge, experience, and expertise -  and want to grow their business further

Business owners who have or currently are running a successful business and want to pivot or diversify and grow a second business

SMEs who have grown or are rebranding and want to align their messaging with their new strategy

In other words - business-minded people who love learning, are goal-oriented, and want to understand and express the WHY, HOW & WHAT behind what they are doing.

If that's you, then take your pick & choose how you want to make your business visible, heard & loved!

The Clarity Code -
Brand Messaging Foundations

1:1 Coaching -  Creating brand messaging foundations that make your brand irresistibly different

The Word Distillery -
Done With & For You Copywriting Service

"Done with & for you" copywriting to create magnetic and authentic copy that sells

Business Storytelling -
The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

An online course that teaches you how to tell stories in your business that fascinate, build relationships, and sell

The Sales Page Power Hour -
An Online Learning & 1:1 Coaching Combo

A powerful combo of online learning & 1:1 coaching that lets you write magnetic sales pages that convert

Single 1:1 targeted coaching session

A single coaching session for business owners who want clarity and dive into one specific topic or issue 

Not sure which offer is best for you? Send me a message and we can talk!

A taste of storytelling...

Storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools that you have available right at your fingertips!

If you want to know a little more about how you can use storytelling to get your message across and be remembered - then tune into the podcast.

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