Need help and strategy?

I offer single 1:1 targeted coaching sessions

For business owners who want clarity and dive into one specific topic or issue 

Can't see the forest for the trees and move past this one persistent roadblock?

I offer 1-off coaching calls that lend you my strategic copywriting and brand messaging brain.

Sometimes, you don't need a whole coaching programme but just want a targeted coaching session with a strategic analyst or brain storming partner - so that you can see that forest and how it is made up of all those single trees.

You need clarity and want someone to connect the dots and guide you through an overwhelming maze of information.

In this 120-minute 1:1 strategic coaching session,  we'll dive deep into an issue that you can't figure out on your own.

You'll share information and brief me before our session so that we have more time for analysing, brainstorming and solving your problem.

Here are just a few topics that you might be struggling with:

Fine-tuning your customer avatar so that you understand what exactly they need from you and how you need to position your offer

Defining your point of difference so that your audience wants to work with you above anyone else

Refining your brand voice so that you'll become visible, heard and loved by your perfect people

Reviewing your offer to create the perfect transformational experience for your clients

Reviewing your website together to pinpoint areas that need to be changed to better resonate with your perfect clients

Creating your customer's journey and defining content needs for each stage of the journey...

Creating a messaging strategy to prime your content marketing for greater impact

The choice is yours - and, of course, if you have a topic that I haven't listed, run it by me and we can dive right into it!

All you need to do to get into my calendar and book your Zoom coaching session is to click the button below!

Your INVESTMENT -  $397 US