The Sales Page Power Hour

Combo course of online learning & 1:1 coaching to write, edit & trouble-shoot sales pages

Opportunity to work through the entire course with me face-to-face!

I am making my 1:1 sales page coaching accessible to a wider audience by introducing the Sales Page Power Hour!

After an introductory period, messaging foundations, sales page structures, and copywriting tools and techniques will be covered through online learning. However, as a special gift to you - the first 10 students, signing up to my Sales Page Power Hour offer can take advantage of my introductory price AND work through these chapters with me in live Zoom calls that will be recorded and uploaded for future reference.

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        Sales Page Writing Combo Packof Online & 1:1 coach

        • Recap on brand messaging
        • "Must have" sales page
        • Copywriting tools, processes &
        • written feedback & 1:1

        "I got more clarity on my ideal client, discovered my brand voice, and I learned more about myself and how my strengths serve my clients. [...]"

        Kristine Kolzing


        "Since Kirsten’s course, I have learned to change my mindset. I consider my client’s challenges before I write and consider how the product or service I'm writing about will solve those challenges. I've learned to create an outline of major points to develop within the copy which will solve their problems. instead of writing fluff pieces, overall, my confidence in copy writing has improved and enabled me to take on three more clients since Kirsten's course."

        Veronica Murillo Panagiotou


        "After I worked with Kirsten, my writing had purpose and I was able to see what I needed to create a clear journey for my clients. The techniques Kirsten shared gave me insights and the knowledge that I need to repeat this process. I had never taken any copywriting training before but now I really like my sales page. I am proud of what I have written and the peace of mind that I now have a fantastic sales page."

        Felicity Patterson


        "It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kirsten! She is absolutely amazing! Before I met Kirsten, I hated writing and would try to avoid it at all costs because I had no writing skills or confidence. I thought that writing was a natural talent or gift and that I just didn’t have it. But, Kirsten has opened me up to the beautiful world of writing. She is very patient, very focused, has a keen eye for detail… I cannot speak highly enough of her incredible skills."

        Samantha Edwards