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The Science of Writing Great Copy

Discover how to write copy that connects, convinces & converts

Some entrepreneurs are staring at a blank page or writing and re-writing their copy over and over again.

 They have tried to change their website a million times but feel like walking through molasses because the right words just won’t flow…

Other Entrepreneurs effortlessly write copy that books out their schedules and fills the seats in their programmes…

The Copywriting Lab has launched!

The Copywriting Lab is an easy-to-follow yet powerful programme that teaches you step by step how to crush your writing blocks and write exactly how you want your words to feel.

It’s jam-packed with simple frameworks and templates that let you create your copy like a pro.

Even if a blank page totally overwhelms you and your writing reads like a Google translation…

Even if you feel too embarassed to publish your copy because it just doesn’t sound like you…

Even if you fear that you can’t say what you really want to say…

Even if you don’t want to try because it takes you too long to write…

So instead...

You’ll allow yourself to take a break (because – what else would you do when your website works like being on autopilot?)

You’ll grow a waiting list (because – there are only so many people you can work with at one time…)

You’ll start writing that book that’s been sitting on your bucket list for ages…

"I knew how to write content, but I had no expertise of writing website copy. It is hard to do it yourself when you don't have copywriting knowledge. I read some books but it's hard putting all the information together and convert that into website copy.
I loved Kirsten's pragmatic approach. My writing is stream-of-conscience work and I needed Kirsten's structure and thinking for writing precisely targeted copy.
Kirsten provided me with exactly what I wanted. Copy that delivers my message and stays current so that I don't have to worry about it.
When my business changed, I incorporated my coaching into my new business. It integrated seamlessly into my new brand because it reflected my personality. So, wherever I go, I can take my "personality" with me!
Working with Kirsten was great. She's very tenacious and strategic and got the content that she needed in my style and from my point of view. And all the time she found and overcame the roadblocks that diverted me.
I'd recommend working with Kirsten - she builds a story around your business and delivers on expectations."

Kathryn Sandford
Recruitment Consultant & Coach

Ask yourself...

How may visitors leave my website – simply because they don’t care about my content?

You have written your own content or even had someone else writing for you. But still you are wondering about your empty calendar, bounce rates, and lack of engagement.

You feel reluctant to look at your website because it just doesn’t feel right. Every time you sit down to re-write your copy, you spend hours surfing other websites for inspiration and staring at your blank screen.

Finding the right words has become painful for you and you struggle writing your posts on Facebook, Pinterest or LinkedIn. You might even struggle to pitch your business…

Are you feeling lost for words when it comes to your business?

Feeling like you're nothing special and others are so much better?

Working really hard at creating posts that no one's taking action on?

Wondering what makes you unique and special in your customers' eyes?

Struggling with creating content that is on brand and flows easily form your mind onto the page?

Feeling desperate that you cannot find your brand voice?

Spinning around in circles because you're looking for inspiration literally everywhere?

Take Control Of Your Messaging

Because your sales are directly related to your copy

And now’s the time to focus on writing copy that actually communicates what you WANT it to communicate.

To create copy that engages, builds relationships, and converts…

All it needs is to know how to be 100% authentically you, own your voice, and reach those people who desperately need you.

If you are ready to:

Know how to express your edge

Even enjoy writing copy that sets your clients on fire

Be noticed online

Increase your response rates

Be unapologetically your authentic self

Let your posts trend on social media

Write “on-brand” copy with ease

Fill your schedule with qualified leads

Without sounding boring or salesy…

Then make your clients believe that you can really help them and learn how to fascinate through on-the-point copy that attracts and converts prospects into clients.

You’ll learn the ins and outs of copywriting while ensuring that you’ve catpured your unique entrepreneurial character, know your perfect clients – and know how to connect with your clients’ minds through your brand.

If you’d rather work on your business than staring at your blank screen, filling your schedule with your perfect clients, and free up time to do the things that really matter to you…

Then join the Copywriting Lab family and become part of a supportive community of entrepreneurs

– AND –

Let me guide you – step by step – through your journey of becoming your own best brand ambassador.

The Copywriting Lab is not like other writing programmes

You may have tried other programmes that promised you “quick solutions” or easy to copy formulas that will work for every entrepreneur.

But the thing is – every entrepreneur is different and has a unique personality that can make a business really special.
But it also means that one formula doesn’t work for all of us.

Many programmes are based on one-size-fits-all formulas that teach you to write headlines like…

“Guaranteed success with my 15-day…”

– sounds familiar? And like click bait?

Or how to manipulate through implying scarcity –

“Only 3 seats left…”

– Really?

The Copywriting Lab is approaching copywriting from a totally different angle. It creates the foundations you need to write copy that connects with your audience on a much much deeper level.
Yes! We want to go deep to reach the subconsious!

Writing engaging copy comes from an in-detail understanding of yourself, your clients, your brand, and good storytelling.
It’s not enough to just follow a formula – it’s about understanding WHY things are happening and HOW to make them happen.
That’s where you can yourself and make things happen by writing YOUR way.

The Copywriting Lab is based on solid copywriting techniques, psychology, and concepts that create insights that give you access to your clients’ minds.

It helps you connect with your very specific niche on a level that makes them think that you are a mind-reader. But what’s more – your clients will feel that you really “get” them and that you alone can solve their problems.

You’ll learn how to write crystal-clear and electrifying copy.

You’ll also get access to powerful templates that will let words stream from your heart onto your page and transform your words into copy that captivates and leads to action.

Here’s the thing:

Copy that feels fake or cringey does not sell!

People don’t want to be pitched to – they want to feel understood – and your copy will reflect that because your really DO understand your clients.

People feel when copy is fake – but you will know your authentic voice.

People are easily bored and don’t want another “guru” who helps the masses – they want someone who helps them very specifically.

Sharing my clients' love...

There was so much to learn about words

I was six when I discovered the power of words...

... when the hoot of the library van became the highlight of my week.

I had my bag sitting by the door, and like a sprinter waiting for the gun, I raced down 5 flights of stairs, out the door and across the parking lot.

When the bus pulled into the stop, I already stood there, first in the queue, waiting to climb into the bus.

The library van was my magic castle. It drew me into foreign worlds, let me meet mysterious people with super powers, evil villains, and all sorts of animals that I would never own.

But more than anything I realised the power of words, the magnificent power that allowed us to order the same words in billions of different combinations to create anything we could imagine.

Even though I did not write much then, I loved becoming a co-creator of the stories I read.

In my mind I knew what the heroes looked like, I knew their faces, their houses, their schools and the forests they ran through.

I never lost my love for words...

... and the power they wield.

I loved university where I studied literature and linguistics, where I learned to tell stories, tools and techniques that made people think, wonder, laugh and cry...

 But then I was told that writing was just a fancy.

I was to have a real career.

So I worked in a large corporate, where words helped me build relationships, made people do things, let them understand my thoughts, and implement strategies - but most of all, I realised that the words in the right order and context and for the right people held the power of persuasion.

Words were the key to action and implementation.

And they created an world of desirable titles and positions that held their own power.  Including an MBA title that I acquired on the way.

But titles were invasive and demanded a lot of me...

Mostly my time and with it my happiness because my job didn't leave enough time for my children. I pushed for change and eventually lost my job.

I was banished from the corporate kingdom and found myself at the other end of the world - in New Zealand!

From dog wash to copywriter...

After losing my job, I felt worthless and unqualified despite two Masters degrees!

So, I worked in the local dog wash for a while and knitted merino beanies that I sold on Etsy.

Eventually, it was words that restored my world. I finally discovered how I could make a living with words.

One copywriting degree later, I was writing for a living!

And I discovered that for me, writing great copy comes from...

understanding yourself (and how awesomely special you are)

understanding your clients (and how well you understand them and their needs)

understanding your offer (and how it transforms your clients' lives)

understanding your brand (where you connect with your audience through expressing the deeply hidden drivers of your brand)

Now, I enjoy teaching other entrepreneurs how to write all the copy and content they need to drive the success of their business.

My dream is to empower other entrepreneurs like you with words that create a new world for you  - where you live you life on your own terms...

The Problem Most Entrepreneurs Have With Copy is...

That they simply haven’t got the time or confidence to write copy that hits the target. They are aware that great copy is crucial for their success but they don’t have the money to spend on a top-notch copywriter.

So, they have a go at writing copy themselves and end up where I once was – as a “Frankenpreneur” - copying bits and pieces from other successful entrepreneurs.

Often, they don’t know the differences between writing a homepage and a landing page, they don’t know the stylistic differences between the various social media platforms or how to create an email sequence.

And they haven’t discovered the power of the knowledge that comes with the deeper understanding of copywriting, yourself, your clients, and your brand.

That’s Why I Have Developed The Copywriting Lab

Understand how to confidently write copy without staring at a blank screen for hours.

Master how to write copy that gets your style and tone right, sounds and feels like you.

After having completed the programme, you’ll:

Unlearn how you were taught to write and learn how to write in your natural voice

Competently use copywriting techniques and formulas

Confidently write copy for your specific copywriting needs

Master the craft of storytelling to captivate through copy online and anywhere else

Know how you can connect with your clients’ minds through speaking the right words

Know how you are different and how to make your personality stand out through what you say

Know who your perfect clients are and what they want to hear from you

    • Just imagine how it will feel to write your social media posts quickly and with confidence – and then see your engagement soar and your calendar fill up?
    • Stop worrying how to get started and just follow along step-by-step. I’ll teach you the skills that you need to write wildly persuasive copy.
    • You can start your journey of attracting your perfect clients with your copy right now!

 It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Kirsten!

She is absolutely amazing! Before I met Kirsten, I hated writing and would try to avoid it at all costs because I had no writing skills or confidence.

In fact, I would second guess myself before doing a very simple task like writing a Facebook post. I would read it, then re-read it and then delete it, because, I believe that in my writing ability. I thought that writing was a natural talent or gift and that I just didn’t have it.

But, Kirsten has opened me up to the beautiful world of writing. She is very patient, very focused, has a keen eye for detail…

I cannot speak highly enough of her incredible skills. Because of Kirsten I have published several articles, contributed to a book and am finalizing my first book. I could not have done any of this with her. If you are considering sharpening your writing skills, I highly, highly recommend working with Kirsten, you’d be so thankful that you did!

Samantha Edwards Hubert
Weightloss Expert / Public Speaker / Writer

Working with Kirsten in her Copywriting course has been a pleasure.

She is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate about her work and also an extremely approachable and pleasant person to work with. I've been in the beginning of my online business and I was lacking any copywriting skills required to develop my marketing assets: website, sales pages, e-mail sequences and creating content for my new online chemistry teaching and courses business.

Kirsten's copywriting course helped me get crystal clear on the fundamentals of all of these and also helped me with defining of my branding strategy.
Her clear teaching style and very structured and actionable course make me understand all the fundamental knowledge every online business owner should have to write own copy and content and later on to outsource these tasks successfully. It was more than I've ever imagine!

I was able to lay down the full foundation for my business and to start writing my own sales pages, website and posts content so that they were finally making sense and creating impact. I highly recommend Kirsten and her course, she is extremely hands on and her course has offered me so much value and confidence!

Dr. Cristina Gherasim
Chemistry Teacher & Tutor

Take A Sneak Peak Inside The Copywriting Lab

MODULE #1 - Copywriting Mindset 

In this module you discover how to feel comfortable or even excited about writing

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Ditch limiting writing beliefs and start thinking of yourself as a writer and then consequently behave like a writer

Break detrimental writing habits and create new productive habits

Design your perfect writing environment

Setting goals for what you want to achieve with your copy & content

MODULE #2 - Copywriting Techniques & Formulas 

Acquiring tools and techniques that are fundamental to producing high-engagement/conversion copy & content

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Planning your writing to get into creative flow quickly. Get all the main ideas, discussion points, arguments, outcomes, CTAs, goals into place

Understand the language and keywords that your audience speaks and the power that words have so that you can deliberately use the right words

How to build sentences that are easy to understand and memorable

How to write headlines/hooks/subject lines that stop scrolling & attract people to read on

Fine-tuning your writing until it brings the intended results

MODULE #3 - Brand & Business Storytelling

Understanding the secret power of storytelling & how you can use it to draw people in, build relationships & persuade

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Discover the four different types of business stories that you can tell to fascinate your audience

Understand the four story plots that let you tell stories with ease

Develop your story cast and make your heroes relatable

Finding your stories & create your story inventory

MODULE #4 - Website copy

Create solid pages that do what they're supposed to do and that you are proud to show off

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Discover the core elements of every web page, their structure & content

Write copy for your Home-, About- & Services pages that is uniquely YOU

Start your sales engine with persuasive Sales- & Landing pages

MODULE #5 - Social Media

Creating profiles that reflect your genius, expert status & irresistible offer. Writing social media posts & articles for a deliberate purpose

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Writing different types of posts

Write copy for your Home-, About- & Services pages that is uniquely YOU

Writing for Facebook & LinkedIn

MODULE #6 - Email Sequences

Discover how to write email sequences that build client relationships and move your prospects through their buyer’s journey.

Some of the things you'll be learning - are:

Discovering the building blocks of email sequences

Writing a welcome, nurture & thank you email sequence

AND – If that’s not quite enough and you’d like to make sure that you’ve got all the basics covered – I’ve got some juicy bonuses coming your way!


Finding your niche & creating the perfect client avatar


Discovering the building blocks of email sequences

Writing welcome, nurture & thank you sequences

The Copywriting Lab

Join the Copywriting Lab and you get...

The Copywriting Lab Online Programme

Lifetime Access & Updates

Exclusive Support Group

Live Coaching Calls

Templates, Scripts & Cheat Sheets

$ 1,997 USD

In one easy payment of $1,997 USD
3 monthly payments of $773 USD

Any further questions?


The Copywriting Lab is not like other courses that teach how to become a copywriter.

I created this programme specifically for coaches, consultants and service-based experts who want to learn how to write copy to grow their business.

It is designed for entrepreneurs who don’t think of themselves as writers and often don’t enjoy writing or have negative thoughs around their writing (which is totally ok!!!).

I (and many other successful entrepreneurs) believe that writing your own copy is important – at least during the first few years of running your business – because for writing great copy you need to know yourself, your business, and your clients inside out.
Otherwise your copy won't have the impact you desire…

Understanding that your copy needs to be as unique as your personality and then being able to write such copy will give you a huge advantage in a market that is full of entrepreneurs using generic blueprints to promote their businesses.

That’s why you’ll find quite a lot of psychology behind the course concepts and why a lot of the work is focused on creating that part of the business iceberg that lies beneath the surface.

Great copy needs to come from the heart and the soul of your business!

That totally depends on you and how much work you put into following the programme step by step.
There are two components that are important for you to write great copy:

  • Your copywriting mindset – you need to create a positive mindset around writing – and the course will help you with that.
  •  Copywriting techniques and formulas – copywriting is not an art but a craft that is quite technical and needs to be practised. The programme will teach you all you need to know to write for your business. The rest is practice, practice, practice!

Yes! Totally!

You’ll find the Copywriting Lab very helpful for gaining lots of clarity around your services, your niche, and your brand.
The coaching calls in the Facebook group will give you some extra help.

It can be a real advantage to start everything from scratch – you come in with a fresh mind and enjoy creating your website copy with just the right focus.

When you go live you will have a website that’s already been tested and reviewed...

Are you a course creator, coach, consultant or service-based business owner and want to be in control of your online (and offline) presence, your marketing, and content?

Then the Copywriting Lab is just right for you!

The Copywriting Lab was designed for entrepreneurs like you and that’s why you won’t have to work through generic material that is was designed to fit all kinds of businesses.

I am such an entrepreneur too and have worked with many entrepreneurs like you. I know exactly what you need and absolutely love working with that niche!

Yes, the programme will need a regular time investment from you. You need to commit and it is best to plan the course into your busy schedule.

Life happens and it is not always easy to stay on course – but if you really want to transform your writing then you will be able to focus on fitting the programme into your schedule.

Remember – this won’t be forever and time spent now will safe you lots of time in the future.

You’ll have to do the work and follow the course process. I’m always there to help and support you.

If you put in the work but still don’t see any results, then you’ll be covered by my 30-day money back guarantee.

Still sitting on the fence?

Try the Copywriter Lab with no strings attached!
100% Money back guarantee!

If you complete all tasks and assignments for the first 3 weeks and you think that this is not the right course for you – then share your work with me within the first 30 days and I return your investment to you.

I want to make sure that you are totally happy!

"Before The Copywriting Lab, I was a fairly good blog writer since most of my clients asked for this service and I was able to practice quite often as a result. I also have a journalism degree and blog writing is very similar to feature writing for news publications. Nevertheless, my confidence was eventually shot down after a bad experience with a client left me reeling, and despite my confidence in writing blogs, I became very insecure about writing sales copy.  

I had attempted to write website copy at the request of two of my clients at the time. And although one project ended with fairly decent results, the other was a complete failure. The client was not happy and my confidence took a toll. I realized then that I could not in good conscience offer this service anymore until I’d mastered the art of copywriting.  

I knew that copywriting was more than just a nice story on the company page. It had a specific purpose, depending on the client and format, and if it was not fulfilling that purpose it was basically a fail. I was quite aware of this expectation, but I needed someone to explain exactly what I was doing wrong and how I could do it right. I am writer after all, not a sales person.

I was looking for an experienced copywriter to teach me the ropes. Someone who could give me honest feedback about my writing and explain the differences between the various types of copy. Someone who could teach me how to write sales pages, emails or social media posts that converted into sales.

I searched high and low for online classes and eventually stumbled across a copywriting class with Udemy. It was inexpensive and informative, but it still didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know. Ironically, there was not much to choose from despite several companies desperately needing skilled copywriters. You’d think there’d be copywriting classes out the wazoo, chasing this trend. But no.

And most copywriters I spoke with were not willing to teach. Now I wonder if it was because they really didn’t know much about it themselves. They all said I would “learn along the way,” but I didn’t want to do that. I wanted to offer an exceptional service to my clients with the knowledge and skills necessary to exceed their expectations. I needed more than just the “philosophy” of copywriting. I needed hard core skills.

I needed a live person to work with me one-on-one and a support group to offer me feedback on my future projects. And, I needed them to stick with me throughout my copywriting career, not just a few projects. That’s exactly what I found at The Copywriting Lab.

I found Kirsten Back, founder and instructor at The Copywriting Lab in a Facebook group I happen to frequent. I read a comment she wrote about a copywriting class for business owners. Everything she said in that comment resonated with me and I was hooked. I reached out to her that day and the rest is history, as they say.

Kirsten spoke with me before the class started to ask what my specific goals and expectations were. I found this refreshing because I finally had the chance to explain my unique situation to someone who could really help me. No other copywriter seemed to be able to.

She knew exactly what I was looking for and even helped me sort it out in my head. She knew exactly what I wanted to say before I even knew what I was trying to say. She’s helped me promote my message effectively and hone in on the skills I really want to offer my clients.

She’s taught me about storytelling and basic human interaction that can be translated into highly effective sales copy. She even angled her classes to address my concerns. At least it felt like she did because she answered every one of my questions and cleared so many doubts for me. Her classed include several examples, analogies and opportunities to practice so there is no way you aren’t walking away a better writer than you started.

The Copywriting Lab has also given me access to a group of entrepreneurs offering useful feedback about my projects because they are in the same mindset as my clients. They are the business owners and CEOs I target.

Since taking the class, my mindset has also completely changed. I feel better about the results I can present to future clients. I still need to practice, but I know I have an amazing teacher and group of professionals always available to help me should I get stuck. I am much more confident about offering copywriting services to clients now and offer it to everyone with complete self-assurance.

Shortly after completing the program, I acquired a new client who wanted me to promote his book solely through copywriting efforts on social media.

Normally, I wouldn’t have accepted this job because I wouldn’t have known the first thing about social selling. But since The Copywriting Lab and Kirsten Back, I can honestly say I’m capable of delivering first-class results.

I am no longer just a blog writer or ghost writer. I am a copywriter with the skills needed to deliver profitable outcomes. I’ve since been able to add a completely new revenue stream to my repertoire and this never would have been possible without Kirsten and The Copywriting Lab. I highly recommend her class if you are looking to bring in more sales through your writing."

Veronica Murillo Panagiotou
Journalist & Copywriter

Kirsten Back

A world without writing? Impossible!

An online world without limp writing, spammy writing, FOMO-inducing writing - but great storytelling, content- & copywriting - that's my dream!

Websites that engage, content that oozes value & copy that persuades without giving you a "sleazy sales pitch" rash...

A couple of Masters degrees & even a copywriting qualification are powering this deeply geeky conversion engine. 

Want to be part of this?

Go ahead then! Click the button!

"I have been trying to build a business for several years now as a side hustle. I tried to learn everything possible related to marketing and sales. At first, I tried everything on my own through free resources people offered. But that only got me that far.

So, I started to invest and paid for courses. But even those only got me this far and business just didn't want to take off. I started to become desperate and thought about giving up.

But then I met Kirsten. There was one component in the entire equation that I completely ignored: my copy!

I started to see where I got it all wrong: You can know everything you want about marketing and sales, but it won't help you if you can't communicate what you want to say.
I had no voice, I didn't know who I was talking to and generic scripts just didn't work as much as I had wished they would.

It was time to find my unique voice, learn what to say how when and where.
Kirsten’s course is hands down the best course I have ever taken. She absolutely over-delivers.
I learned so much more than just copywriting in her course. I learned about my ideal customer, my own mindset and branding and so much more. All things that are necessary in order to write a copy that speaks to your ideal client - you will find it in this course!
If I had taken her course before all the others, I could have saved months of learning, spent the time on my family and launching my business instead - and saved the money to invest in something else.

 Kirsten absolutely knows what she is talking about and not only that - she really cares about her clients. She went out of her way to help me attain my goals and I'll be forever thankful to her and her course! I'm now filled with confidence and know exactly what I have to do in order to write the perfect copy that will attract the right clients to my business. Thanks so much for everything, Kirsten! You are the best!"

Svenja Muller
Pre-School Teacher & Coach

Samantha Edwards Hubert
Speaker & Weightloss Coach