brand messaging foundations

The Messaging Clarity Code

Helping you discover & define your brand messaging foundations - and a strategy that lets you grow your business

What's Included...


Unique Strength Discovery  

Experience/ Expertise Inventory  

Defining Your Differentiation

Avatar Definition

Avatar Clarity & Portrait  

Client Awareness Stage Definition  

Customer Journey Stage Definition

Content & Information Need Discovery


Brand Statements

Competitor Messaging Analysis

Brand Personality Definition

Brand/ Origin Story Discovery

Brand Guide Book Creation

Offer Fine-Tuning

Offer Structure Review

Feature/ Benefit & Outcome Definition

Avatar - Offer Alignment

messaging strategy

Asset Inventory

Messaging Strategy Creation


...that connect with and impact your perfect clients  

Common symptoms of unclear messaging are: 

Sales and landing pages that are not converting

Attracting the "wrong" people

No engagement with social media posts

Not being able to tell people clearly what you do and how you help them

Constantly (and unfavourably) comparing yourself with others

Finding it hard to describe what makes you different

Not knowing what to write about

Finding it hard to talk about how exactly your offer helps your clients

I believe that understanding your brand messaging foundations is the key to defining a messaging strategy and writing copy and content that makes your business visible, heard, and loved.  

But most importantly - understanding your messaging foundations helps you to position your brand, make your brand stand out, create deep emotional bonds with the right audience, and grow your business almost automatically.  

"Your messages need to come from your heart and need to be written with an authenticity that reaches the hearts and minds of your clients."

To grow your business, you need consistent and strategic messaging throughout all the touchpoints that you have with your clients.

Your website, sales pages, social media posts, podcasts, blog posts, lead magnets...

And for that you need clarity on:  

You (your strengths, talents, differentiation)

Your customer avatar (desires, problems, barriers, dreams, pains...)

Your offer (the features, benefits & transformational outcomes)

Your brand (your mission, vision, values, purpose, voice, personality & story...)

The Messaging Clarity Code is a journey that "deconstructs" your business,  looks at each building block of your business, and peels back the layers that hide the messages that your clients want to hear.

And then we replace the elements that are not serving you with elements that work for you and assemble them without the fluff and in alignment with a strategy that fosters growth.

That means going really deep and understanding psychological principles that drive connection and decision-making.  The Messaging Clarity Code equips you with the insights and knowledge that you need for long-term success.

Brand Messaging Clarity for Years to come

A 1:1 Coaching Journey specifically created for small business owners: Coaches, Consultants, Course Creators, Service-based Experts...

Messaging clarity is the key to a stand-out online presence that cuts through the noise, positions you in the right space, and attracts ideal clients to your services.

The Clarity Code coaching package creates strategic brand messaging foundations that will drive your messaging for years to come.  

Clarity and consistency across all client touch points whether it's blogging, social media, podcast, your website or public speaking - are essential to creating a memorable brand and growing your business.  

The Clarity Code shortens your journey to discover the knowledge and clarity about yourself, your clients, your brand, and your offer from years or months to just a few weeks.

It takes you through an effective process of finding your voice and the language that is authentically you - and lets your message resonate with your perfect audience.

Whether you want to write your own copy or outsource to a copywriter...

Having clarity on your brand messaging and a strategy to reach your marketing goals is essential for communicating with purpose and impact.

And you want to skip the figuring-out process!

You want to bypass a long and frustrating  research, learning and test period and move to the stage where...
You can work with someone who has the experience and knowledge to lead you straight to absolute brand messaging clarity (and a messaging strategy that works).

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For years I struggled to find my niche and my brand without much progress.

The Coaches and consultants I worked with didn’t help much, as they gave me back pretty much what I told them, no real breakthrough or transformation.

Granted, because of my experiences as a serial entrepreneur and business- owner, deciding on a direction was very difficult for me. I NEEDED EXPERT HELP  I was going around in circles and not making any progress. I was too close to my problem and really could not see what was preventing me from making real progress. I was about to quit and bury my dreams.

Then I was introduced to Kirsten.  She gave me solutions, not just information. She has a system that works and because of the time she spent with me initially and throughout our time together, I now have a track to run on, I am clear about my niche, my brand and my brand's messages. I am no longer going around in circles.  Ron Escoffery, Speaker, Author, Mentor & Entrepreneur

Ron Escoffery
Speaker, Author, Mentor &Entrepreneur
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Before working with Kirsten I was lacking in clarity on the benefits and outcomes that I offered my clients I also wasn’t clear on how much work I’ve actually done. the process with Kirsten was eye-opening and insightful and helped me to increase my confidence and realise how much i had already accomplished.

  I felt very safe and very held through the process with Kirsten. she’s a wonderful listener she’s very caring in nature she’s also very passionate about what she does and she will stop at nothing until she can assist you with your problem.    

Kirsten is different in that she has a beautiful balance of being very practical in her approach but also very intuitive and kind in nature which makes the process really seamless and enjoyable.  

Since working with Kirsten I’ve noticed an increase level of confidence I also have great practical outcomes and benefits that I can share with my clients which has helped tremendously in the sales process thank you Kirsten!

Debbie Zita
Holistic Business Coach

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I first contacted Kirsten because I felt stuck in the vision of my business and unsure of how to move forwards.  

I have a number of different offerings in my business and was unsure as to which ones to focus on and how to develop them into profit making packages.

I felt somewhat paralysed with indecision and this was hampering my ability to market myself effectively.  

I’ve always struggled with writing content even though I know that my work has so  many benefits for the new mothers and families that I work with and I needed someone to give me clarity in getting my ideas out of my head and onto paper/screen.  

When I asked on a marketing group as to the best person to help me with these problems, Kirsten’s name came up as ’the Queen of Clarity’ which sounded just what I needed.  

Kirsten’s approach was clear and easy to follow and over the weeks that we worked together she gave me a clear and easy to follow guidelines on how to express my expertise and business vision on the page as well as the confidence to understand my strengths and to differentiate myself from my competition...  

By the end of our work together I found myself with a clear idea on which of my offerings to focus on and the structure to create effective sales and marketing content which was exactly what I was looking for.  

By the time we had finished working together I had sold my first high value package which covered my investment! I feel so lucky to have met Kirsten as she is truly an expert in what she does and I would highly recommend her service for others in my position

Jojo Hogan
Maternal Postpartum Care Specialist, Doula / Birthworker Coaching & Support

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Clarity, focus and direction is what I got from working with Kirsten.

She is one in a million when it comes to listening and using my words to communicate my brand personality in all of my messages.

Since working with her my visibility on Linkedln has increased and I now have more people reaching out to connect and collaborate with me globally.

Definitely someone who is passionate and committed about her work and making the difference to her clients.

Lorlett Hudson FRSA
Executive Leadership & Transitional Coach, CEO & Founder of One Hand Cant Clap

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It’s hard to overstate the difference Kirsten has made on my business.

When I first contacted her, I couldn’t work out why my copy wasn’t converting. I knew the sorts of things I “should” have on my website but I was overwhelmed with trying to work out how to do it all and so I thought I would just get someone to do it for me.

From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew we were on the same page and rather than being overwhelmed, I felt excited about getting started.

Kirsten’s approach was so thorough and enlightened. She was able to so clearly identify the fundamentals that I had been missing – my brand, my voice, my why! Going forward I am so much clearer about the writing process and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel empowered.  I would HIGHLY recommend!

Kate Johnson
Sleep Psychophysiologist, CEO & Founder of Babysomnia

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 We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Kirsten. She worked collaboratively to really understand our business and the people working within it. We initially worked with Kirsten because we felt that our copy didn’t convey who we are as people or the value we add to clients. We had new services to offer clients, but we didn’t know how to engage with our audience. Our copy wasn’t engaging and didn’t adequately introduce potential clients to who we are, what to expect when working with us and how we can help them, but we didn’t know how to solve the problem. After working with Kirsten we now feel that the language we use on our website and marketing does a far better job of engaging with our target audience and articulating our value. Overall working with Kirsten was a really positive experience. Not only do we feel that we’ve got far better copy, we came out of the process with a better understanding of the brand’s personality and our individual strengths. This knowledge has helped improve our overall communication and engagement with our potential clients and ultimately enabled us to help more people with our services.

Anna Robinson
General Manager at QUARTZ WEALTH

Quartz Wealth Logo

 Before working with Kirsten I wrote a lot of posts, a podcast, and tried to write a blog years ago. I had some training in copy and content creation, but I felt like I wasn’t getting traction. I would write a lot of posts and podcast episode and I wasn’t getting the engagement that I wanted. I often felt frustrated. I had good things to say but wasn’t able to really bring it across to my audience in an impactful way. I also knew I needed to share more stories - about me and my clients - but I had no idea how to do that well. After working with Kirsten I feel way more confident in both my writing and who my audience is! We spent a lot of time working on my audience, what they needed and who they are. It was really helpful because now when I write, I know exactly what problems I’m solving and for whom. When I write my podcast, it has a better flow, more stories, and it’s starting to get more listeners. When I write my content, I know exactly who I’m talking to and it feels so much easier! I signed up to work with Kirsten to learn how to write better posts and I got so much more. I got more clarity on my ideal client, discovered my brand voice, and I learned more about myself and how my strengths serve my clients. Thank you Kirsten for all you do to help me become a better leader, writer, and entrepreneur!!

Kristine Kolzing


 "As a professional funnel designer who has written and built hundreds of sales funnels for various types of businesses, I was surprised when I found myself struggling to write my own sales page.

 I had created a high ticket program that had many moving parts and various sales pages and I think I was just too close to the project. Because every time I sat down to write the sales page… heck every time I even tried to verbally explain what I was doing, I just couldn’t find the right words. My explanation was long and drawn out and complicated and my message just wasn’t clear. It was cluttered. Blurry. I knew I needed some help.    

I met Kirsten by chance, she was a Facebook friend that popped up in my newsfeed. I saw “Word Distiller” and thought, “YES. Fix my words please”!!! I knew I needed help, as I was almost to the point where I just wanted to quit and hire someone to do it completely for me. I was frustrated and ready to move on to the next steps of my launch.  Thankfully, Kirsten explained that this was a process that I needed to be involved in. And I’m so grateful she said that because of what happened next.    

Over the next few months, Kirsten helped me to discover my brand in a way I hadn’t thought of before. I say discover, because it really was exactly that, a discovery.  She talked me through various steps for getting crystal clear on my message, my purpose, my intention, my voice and tone, and even my personality. She helped me with far more than simply writing my sales page. She has given me the ability to actually be my brand by helping me become so clear on every aspect of it. This not only helps me to create the specific funnels I was working on, but honestly it has and will continue to help me write every other funnel or sales page after that.  It helps me with my emails, my social media content, and even with the things I say when I’m speaking. Whether I’m talking about my programs or my business as a whole, I’m no longer over-explaining things or confusing people. No more feeling shy or uncertain.  

Thanks to Kirsten, I’m now clear, concise, real, authentic and I sound like myself. Nothing is forced, I’m not struggling or trying too hard. I’m just clear on who I am, who I’m helping and what I bring to the table. I somewhat understood those things prior to working with Kirsten, but this is like a whole different level.    

Thank you, Kirsten! Working with you has been an invaluable experience and what I’ve learned will benefit my business for years to come. I can now confidently and comfortably deliver my message to the world! " 

Rebecca Weston

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"I knew how to write content, but I had no expertise of writing website copy and what my brand message was.

It is hard to do it yourself when you don't have the right knowledge. I read some books but it's hard putting all the information together and convert that into website copy.  

I loved Kirsten's pragmatic approach. My writing is stream-of-conscience work and I needed Kirsten's structure and thinking for clarifying my messaging and writing precisely targeted copy.  

Kirsten provided me with exactly what I wanted. Copy that delivers my message and stays current so that I don't have to worry about it.  

When my business changed, I incorporated my coaching into my new business. It integrated seamlessly into my new brand because it reflected my personality. So, wherever I go, I can take my "personality" with me!  

Working with Kirsten was great. She's very tenacious and strategic and extracted the language and messages that I needed for my brand. And all the time she found and overcame the roadblocks that diverted me.  

I'd recommend working with Kirsten - she builds a story around your business and delivers on expectations."

Kathryn Sandford
Recruitment Agency Partner & Coach


I use a thorough knowledge- and psychology-driven approach that I align with your learning and working preferences...

I am genuinely interested in my clients and how I can bring out the best in you...

I am a learning addict and give you the latest cutting-edge knowledge...

I am deeply introspective and reflect on you and your business to contribute with new inspiration and strategies...

I have heaps of experience (in corporate management & as an entrepreneur/ copywriter) but I also have heaps of qualifications (like an MBA, a copywriting qualification, a Masters in English & Russian Literature & Linguistics as well as a teaching degree

Because I believe that you deserve to communicate with more impact and clarity so that you can imagine and build better futures for yourself and those you serve.

This is a high-intensity programme and can be completed in 6 weeks. However, I am aware that you are running a business and need to balance that with your private life. And I want to make this programme work for you. If you need to re-schedule a meeting, I can usually accommodate that with enough notice. 

I work with coaches, consultants, course creators, service-based experts, and business owners who...

...want more after a successful corporate career & are now running a business based on their knowledge, experience, and expertise -  and want to grow their business further

...have or currently are running a successful business and want to pivot or diversify and grow a second business, and...

...SMEs who have grown or are rebranding and want to align their messaging with their new strategy

Yes, I do offer a payment plan! I offer the option of paying 50% of the investment upfront and 50% the following month.

I am happy to help! Please book a call with me, answer the booking form questions, and we can talk about your specific needs.