4 Quick Repeatable Tips that Stop You Feeling Like an Imposter & Boost Your Confidence

Battling imposter syndrome or negative self-beliefs is tough. Here are 4 quick tips that get you back on track quickly

Are you drifting into a black mood again? Feeling like…

  • Every other business owner is moving past you and it’s only you who’s treading water
  • Others have a much better solution than you
  • Others have messages that sound so much better than yours – and their websites look better too
  • Others tell amazing stories that are drawing people in while your story is a snooze fest…

Then let me assure you that you are not alone.

And that you are not honest with yourself.

It’s not only you who’s stuck

Everyone gets stuck – at some point – with some seemingly insurmountable problem.

The truth is, that some are moving faster than you, some are moving at the same pace while others are moving slower or even give up and say goodbye to their dreams and ambitions.

Feeling stuck is more common than you might think. And the difference lies in how you are dealing with it. What actions you take to get yourself out of that situation.

But it’s also worth looking at what got you into that situation. What triggered your thoughts that you are feeling inadequate and like nothing is working out for you?

Did one of your prospects not convert into a client? Or was your social media feed overflowing with people who are on a winning streak and sharing their super impressive achievements while yours seem to be inconsequential and small?

At this point, I’d like to remind you of two things:

  • It takes time, strategy, and a lot of effort to create dream outcomes (and social media posts usually do not reflect that)
  • Language is a wonderful thing and can be tailored to give an impression that others are much further ahead than you and achieve their goals effortlessly

And that leads me to my first tip:

Stop poisoning your mind by scrolling and consuming content without a set intention

I used to feel defeated and inferior every day. I used to scroll through my feeds on social media and see too many posts and ads from people who boasted successes that I could only dream about.

I couldn’t stop comparing myself to these people and the milestones that they have achieved.

I did it a few times a day. Getting into my feeds, scrolling, spending too much time looking at someone else’s success rather than working on my own.

And all it did, was make me feel miserable, lose time, and feel depleted from making micro-judgements about every post I scrolled past.


I took a social media detox and didn’t look at any social media for a couple of weeks.

Not being on social media caused massive withdrawal symptoms and FOMO. The first few days were terrible.

But then…

I started to feel much better. I felt relieved that I didn’t have to look at thousands of posts. That my world was still turning and that I was able to focus on myself and my business instead.

I also unsubscribed from most email sequences and only stayed subscribed to a handful that give me value and that I really enjoy reading.

Not letting other people’s agendas and stories poison my mind gave me the space to re-connect to myself, my goals, my purpose and my vision.

And it taught me to use social media differently.

  • I allow myself to spend only a set amount of time on social media (yes, I even set a timer and when my timer goes, I quit social media)
  • I set intentions about how I want to use my time on social media (posting my content, commenting on other people’s posts, reaching out to people via messenger, answering questions in different groups) and do nothing else than what I set my intention to
  • I close social media windows on my laptop and stop notifications so that I am not disrupted when I’m working on other tasks

The results are that I spend less time on social media, have better outcomes, and feel much better because I don’t look at these posts that used to get me into a funk anymore.

Above, I said that not being on social media gave me the space to re-connect to myself, my goals, my purpose, and my vision. That’s had a bigger impact than I thought…

Rediscover your purpose - If what you want to achieve is not important enough, you won’t do it!

I wrote about necessity and urgency in this blog (click on the image to go directly to the blog):

And just want to remind you that knowing your purpose and having a clear vision is essential to staying focused on those actions that move you forward.

Knowing your purpose and vision are the strongest drivers to achievement. If there’s nothing at stake – then why should you bother working so hard?

But if your actions are fuelled by your purpose and vision, then you move forward with more ease and focus.

Another positive side effect of connecting with your purpose and vision is that your messaging gets a lot clearer and that the messages that you share resonate with people who are aligned with your beliefs, values, dreams, and missions.

A clear message attracts the right people and pre-qualifies your audience. Talking about what you stand for and what you believe in is not for everyone. But those who resonate with your message are like-minded people who are more open to working with you.

Look at yourself as an achiever

Imposter syndrome can make us feel like a loser. We see all the things that others have achieved, forgetting what we have achieved.

I always create an “experience inventory” with my clients. This starts out as a mind map where we look at any qualifications, work experience, interests, personal strengths, and acquired skills – from any area of our lives.

That is a powerful way to see all that you’ve achieved right in front of you, and it not only gives you a brilliant overview of the unique and awesome person that you are – but also a great starting point to pinpoint all the skills and knowledge that you can apply to serve your clients better.

And it gives you heaps of topics to write content about.

You might want to check out the blog post where I share the four areas that allow you to create an online presence that is great to look at and too hard to look away from (click on the image to read):

Having a holistic overview of all your achievements right in front of you is the best antidote to limiting beliefs and bouts of imposter syndrome. You can’t argue the facts that are black and white in front of you!

But sometimes, it’s not enough to look at yourself from only your perspective. And that leads to my last tip…

Read some client testimonials or have a conversation with a happy client

Client testimonials are an awesome spirit booster. Your clients are giving their feedback freely and they are only giving positive testimonials because you helped them to make their lives better.

Your clients’ testimonials remind you of where your clients were before they worked with you, what you did to help them (and how they perceived your help), and which results they achieved because of working with you.

Your clients’ testimonials tell a true story of how you helped them create a new reality and improve their lives.

If you’d like to guide your clients to write you such testimonials, then I have a free resource for you that you can access by clicking on the image:

Connecting with happy clients is one of the most powerful ways of getting yourself out of a funk. They are living, breathing examples of the shifts that you can bring about in someone else’s life.

As human beings, we have an urge to reciprocate. You helped your clients, and they are usually more than happy to help you in return. They know what you are going through and empathise with you.

Don’t be afraid to make yourself vulnerable. Vulnerability is a strength that helps you create an even stronger connection. In addition, if your clients support you, it makes them feel better because helping someone else makes you feel better too.

And a last bonus tip…

Literally walk away from where you are right now and go out into nature or connect with nature by spending some time with your dog or cat. Animals have great therapeutic powers, and they always love you unconditionally.

A little story on the side…

My first dog, Gromit, and I were in a therapy dog team. We visited disabled children and retirement homes. The joy and happiness that this dog shared every time he met a person who needed him were incredible. The change that happened within every person’s life that he touched was amazing.

Animals have incredible powers, and I cannot imagine a life without animals.

Imposter syndrome is a terrible force that keeps coming back – but know that you are not alone and that it is part of the life of any business owner – me included!

I hope that some of these tips can help you to get back on track quicker – and if you’d like to find out more about creating an experience inventory together, then drop me a line. It truly is a game-changer.

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