4 things you must know before outsourcing your copywriting

By outsourcing copywriting, you hand over your most important communication tool to a complete stranger who doesn’t know your business as you do...

Listening to a podcast whether you should outsource your copywriting or not - got me thinking…

Outsourcing your copywriting? Yay or nay?

There are those who say that you should outsource those aspects that you’re not good at so that you can get on with working on revenue creating tasks.

Right! That’s true but it’s also where many people go wrong – especially when it comes to copywriting.

They think that copywriting is just another aspect of their marketing that their VA can do on the side – or if they want to go with a professional – it is something that they can outsource to a copywriter.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a copywriter and for years this has been my bread and butter.

So why would I tell you to DIY it and cut my own stream of income?

Because I (very strongly) believe that copywriting is a “must-have” skill.

Copywriting is not just another aspect of marketing – it is where ALL the different aspects of your business connect.

Business foundations
How do business foundations connect?

Isolating copywriting from your personality, ideal customer, offer, branding, marketing, finances etc. means that you are deliberately discarding the link that ties everything in your business together.

By outsourcing copywriting, you hand over your most important communication tool to a complete stranger who doesn’t know your business as you do, who is not as passionate about your business as you are, who doesn’t know your customers as you do, and who doesn’t even talk like you do.

Why would you do that?

It’s like running all your communication through Google translate.

Check out this link for fun! and get a great (and entertaining) example of what that can look like.

If you don’t want to turn your “Dancing Queen” into a “Hula Prince”, then learn how to write your own copy and content.

Being able to write your own copy has wonderful side-effects: If you want your content to build relationships, educate and move your leads through their buyer’s journey AND convert them into clients – then the AHA moments that you will have when learning how to write copy will amaze you.

  • Copy that converts is based on knowing yourself and how you can serve your clients best…
  • It’s based on knowing our ICA, being sure about your brand personality, values and voice…
  • It’s based on an offer that is perfect for your client and knows how to transform their lives in a way that only you can do.
  • It’s based on your positioning, your differentiation, and your uniqueness as a person (that, by the way, no one else is able to copy).

Now, where are you at with your copywriting? I believe that knowing how to write copy helps you connect all the parts of your business and give you insights and clarity that will take you to a new level of conversion.

So, what’s your take on this?

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