Does your brand match your true personality?

How to find true connection through authenticity

You are actually really nice! I feared that you’d be rather stiff and corporate.

Did I just say that to the prospect I wanted to turn into a client?

I did – and they liked it because I hit the right nerve.

But I am jumping ahead…

One morning, I received a call from an SME who wanted to talk with me about marketing and copywriting for introducing a new service. They wanted launch copy for a new service and a marketing campaign.

We agreed to meet, and I started researching and reviewing all that I could find about them online. What I saw had a very strong corporate vibe. I prepared for the meeting and wasn’t prepared at all for what I found.

I was greeted warmly, showed into the meeting room, joined by the whole team. An hour into the meeting, I made that statement because I came to the meeting with certain expectations and presumptions – and they managed to blow them all to bits!

This was a team of highly professional experts, who had a vision of what their service should be like and how it should be perceived – and yet their website spoke a different language.

They were a warm-hearted and genuine team of visionary people who were fun to be with, inspiring, with solid values and a deep desire to turn their industry on its head.

But their website was very corporate, impersonal and their messaging just like any other company in their space.

My spontaneous remark triggered a conversation about branding – because with how I experienced them, they clearly broke the brand image they represented online.

What followed was a conversation about how to find and define the brand message that they wanted to share with the world – and a process that led to exactly that:

A clearly defined brand that represented their authentic brand personality and a messaging framework that allowed them to be and live their brand – with the result that they not only successfully launched their new service but also grew their core business substantially.

The point…

Your brand makes the connections between:

  • YOU – and what you bring to the table to achieve your clients’ most desired transformation
  • YOUR AVATAR – understanding who exactly they are and what they need to overcome the issue they are struggling with
  • YOUR OFFER – the knowledge and system that takes them through their transformational journey

… so that you can feed the insights that you gain from these three areas into a brand that is authentically you and resonates with your perfect clients.

These insights will show in your…

  • Brand statements (purpose, vision, mission, value statements)
  • Your differentiation (how you set yourself apart from the competition based on your unique skills, knowledge, experience, and expertise)
  • Your brand personality (your brand’s character traits including archetypes and voice)
  • Your brand and origin stories (because storytelling is one of the most powerful marketing tools ever – a tool that uses the power of something that is genetically pre-programmed into our brains)

And that will enable you to develop your own messaging framework that powers all your content and informs your marketing messaging.

You see, writing copy and content is not so much about writing tools and techniques – it’s about the knowledge and insights that you need to write powerful messages.

Yes, it is a tough process that takes a good amount of work, but it is a process that you absolutely must go through if you want to move your messaging past generic phrases that people have learned to spot from a distance.

It is a process that you need to go through if you want to create valuable and original content and if you want to write copy that persuades and converts.

If you feel that you haven’t laid solid messaging foundations, that your brand could need a “facelift” or that you want to hit the ground running with the messaging for your new service – then send me a message!

All you need to do is fill in the contact form below!

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