Is your content compelling enough?

Writing compellingly is something that everyone wants to do but not everyone achieves.

Writing compellingly is something that everyone wants to do but not everyone achieves.

Writing compellingly means...

“to evoke interest, attention or admiration in a powerfully irresistible way”

What is it, that makes people want to read your content?

There’s one main thing:

People want to get something out of consuming your  content!

If you are wondering about how you can achieve that, then read on. I’ll give you three suggestions that attract people into your orbit…

Three ways of creating pull

There is this funny phenomenon: if you push people, they push back. If you try to force change, they resist.

And on the other hand – there is the power of pull: Create a desire in people and they are pulled towards the things they desire.

Let’s look at these three ways of how you can create a desire that compels people to act:

Storytelling naturally draws people in

It’s been proven that storytelling is a great way of drawing people into your world.

Storytelling has a natural attraction because our brains are hard-wired to love storytelling. Storytelling has and is still ensuring our survival – nowadays it’s not so much about learning which berries are toxic or which animals are dangerous – but more about which stories hook and persuade our audience to work with us.

The stories we tell in business connect with people and – depending on the storyline and type of story we are telling – can serve a deliberate purpose in our business strategy.

There are stories that create credibility – like customer stories or testimonials that demonstrate how well our services work and what incredible transformations they can lead to.

There are stories that internally align organisations and bring employees and teams together.

Other story types are the origin or founder stories that are about your big AHA moment. Founder stories help you to differentiate and sell yourself (or your new service).

These stories are often used when looking for investors or during a launch phase. They are great to make you stand out and bridge the gap between you and your potential customers.

And then there are stories that make it easy for your customers to understand how great your service is and what the benefits and long-term outcomes are of working with you.

These stories close the gap between your service and the value it brings to the customer.

Kindra Hall’s book “Stories that Stick” is explaining this brilliantly.

And as naturally as people are drawn to stories – you are also able to tell stories, despite maybe thinking that you are not good at this or don’t have any stories to tell.

It’s a totally learnable skill and once you know how to do it, you’ll do it again and again.

AND – just give me a shout if you want to know how – but let’s get back to tip No. 2…

The Promise of Wins

People invest their time in your content if they believe that they can get something out of it.

They want an instant win, the value that makes is worth their time, entertainment, a solution or inspiration.

The promise of a quick win always draws people in.

But you mustn’t stop there and deliver on your promise. Give your readers an instant mini-win and they will love your content.

People are always asking “What’s in it for me?” If you answer that question in a way that lets them achieve a small step towards their big goal, then you have their attention and can make them part of your community.

Achieving a small win, makes people feel good – and that’s how you want them to feel about your content.

And here’s the third way…

Give me something new and shiny!

People crave novelty. They watch the news, they buy the newest phones and computers, they never tire of developing new processes, games or concepts.

People never tire of new and exciting things – and they never tire of putting a new spin on something existing or bringing something old back into fashion.

New things make you feel good. New ways of understanding something, can give you an advantage over those, still stuck in the old ways.

Putting a spin on things can set you apart from the competition and help you with attracting your perfect clients.

Being a thought leader also triggers the very strong human desire of belonging and being part of a group that shares values and believes in the same things.

And if you look at early adopters – they often take bigger risks and spend considerable sums of money to take advantage of being first. They just need to believe in the value – and sometimes you might wish that you had too (when you didn’t buy Amazon shares or bitcoins in the early days)…

The buzz of novelty excites and attracts and allows you to dream big.

In closing…

Compelling seems to be a relatively small word but it can lead to big outcomes.

Making your content compelling is an essential step towards something bigger in your life and your business.

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