How Self-Development Makes You a Better Writer

If you want your clients to grow - you need to grow! Self-development is the perfect process to help you articulating your thoughts...

If you want your clients to grow, you need to grow!

Change is fast and unavoidable. It can power your growth – or it can leave you behind.

The things that led to your current success, might not be relevant to your success next year. Agility and flexibility are more relevant today than they were 2 years ago.

That doesn’t mean that you should forget about a long-term view and strategy. You definitely need both. But you also need to be able to respond quickly to changes and be aligned with a strategy that is flexible and serves you going forward.

Self-development sits at the core of an agile strategy. It allows your evolving self to stay synchronised with the developments around you.

Continuous learning is the key to becoming your best possible self and to helping your clients to become their best possible selves.

That requires deep introspection and reflection and if you want to utilise the full potential of this process, then you should journal and capture your thoughts consistently.

Just think about what happens when you journal…

  • Regular writing improves your writing skills
  • A journal is just for you, and you don’t need to worry about what you write and how skillfully you write - that makes you feel positive about writing
  • Journaling helps you translate your thoughts into messages that you can refer back to and refine later
  • You’re walking the talk and come across more as more genuine (because you can’t expect your clients to learn if you’re not learning and developing yourself)
  • You’re doing the work and you ARE actually getting better at the essential skill of writing every day

But let’s take another look at the correlation between writing and self-development.

There are three development areas that make you a better person, service provider, and writer…

Developing yourself

Referring back to the concept of change once more…

When you are taking an active interest and investing in your self-development, you are taking control of who you want to become and how you want to show up and respond to whatever you are exposed to. Greater knowledge allows you to stay ahead or to respond authentically and in alignment with your personal and business aspirations.

When you work on your self-development, you get a better understanding of who you are, and what your purpose, values, beliefs, and aspirations are. You can act in alignment with what you believe and stand for – and that makes you feel better about yourself and your actions.

Whether you work with a coach or by yourself, learning from books or online courses - you are working with amazing role models that inform and inspire your development.

You listen to their language and how they articulate their thoughts which will help you to articulate your thoughts with more ease.

You experience the benefits of deep reflection and deeply listening into yourself. And if you join a learning community, then you also listen to how others express their thoughts and the language they are using.

Tuning in to the language that those around you are using is helping you to develop the language that you can actively use in your content and communication.

And on top of that – listening to others inspires your thoughts and helps you generate content ideas that your audience is resonating with.

Lastly, the awareness of continuous growth does wonders for your confidence because it allows you to show up on a higher level with more knowledge and as a better listener and writer.

Developing new skills

Even though imposter syndrome is a social construct, it is very real for almost anyone. When you feel imposter syndrome, you doubt yourself that you’re not good enough or know enough.

Woman lying on a bed reading a book

Developing and mastering new skills is one way to get on top of imposter syndrome – and at the same time, you are doing yourself a service because you are learning new skills that empower you to be better and more relevant at what you do.

Whether that is being a better marketer to grow your business or a better coach or consultant to serve your clients at a higher level.

Mastering new skills kills overwhelm and imposter syndrome and it helps you to see imposter syndrome for what it really is – a reminder to learn and develop.

When it comes to developing skill mastery, it makes sense to understand which skills are relevant to what you do and allow you to thrive.

Typical skills to develop could be:

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing
  • Graphic design
  • Public speaking
  • Video recording & editing
  • Listening skills
  • Questioning techniques
  • Sales skills…

Align your skill development needs with your strategy and you are definitely setting the direction for personal and business success.

And have you noticed that it is easier to talk about something that you have mastered? Mastery equips you with a deep knowledge base and that makes it easier to talk or write about.

Let’s move on to the last development area:

Develop an understanding of your market and your clients

Approaching self-development with an intent of serving your clients better requires you to understand your ideal clients needs, struggles, desires or aspirations and the skills you need to deliver a service that empowers them to grow.

Learning about your market and your clients also helps you decide whether you need to define and refine your messages so that you stand out in your current market or that you have enough vision and data to create messages that raise a new demand in a new market.

Standing out or dominating a market (section) requires you to be able to articulate your differentiating features as well as the benefits and long-term outcomes that result from working with you.

You can imagine that a solid understanding of your target audience, their stories and their daily struggles leads to clear messages that resonate with your ideal clients and build the trust that you need to sell into this market with ease.

Make self-development your way of life…

… and you can stay relevant for your audience. By integrating self-development into your life, you can help your audience grow - and you empower them with new knowledge and capabilities that fuel their success.

When you develop yourself, develop your writing skills, and develop a better understanding of your market and clients – you can share messages that leave a greater impact and give you a unique edge that leads to better brand recognition.

Your brand will be recognised as a brand that provides value.

And if you want to learn more about how you can uplevel your writing skills, then drop me a message!

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