Why changing your purpose is a sign of growth that creates new opportunities

Too many people believe that they have to follow their one and only "calling" - but what if your purpose changes as you grow?

Often people think about their purpose to be a life-long calling. Of something that guides them through their whole life.

Very few people have that. The majority of people changes their purpose as they go through life.

Changing your purpose doesn’t mean that you’ve been confused or unclear about your purpose before – it only means that you are changing, growing, and adapting.

There’s no need to feel shallow or fickle because you are rewriting or totally changing your purpose statement.

Finding a new purpose and changing your purpose statement is a natural process – and the fact that you are noticing that your purpose has changed shows a greater sense of awareness and a desire to grow and become a better version of yourself.

Our purpose shifts and develops throughout our whole life

You are not born knowing your purpose for the rest of your life.

Going through life means experiencing different life stages in which your priorities change, your knowledge grows, and your external environment continuously changes.

You are interacting with your environment. Your environment influences you as you can influence certain areas of your environment if you purposefully choose to do so.

About two years ago our environment changed drastically. All of a sudden, certain freedoms were taken away from us – like travel or meeting people. We had to adapt to constraints that have an impact on our physical, existential and mental wellbeing.

Some of us lost our jobs or had to close our businesses and for many of us – our work is a large part of who we are. We find purpose in our work and we define parts of ourselves through our work.

And all of a sudden – with losing your business or job – your purpose lost its footing. Life’s events made it necessary for you to shift.

There have been other situations in our lives in the past that made it necessary for us to shift our focus and our purpose – and there will be circumstances that will make it necessary for us to shift again.

When that happens, we are feeling stuck.

Feeling stuck is a signal that we are going through a period of change

Generally, feeling stuck is an unpleasant experience. But what if you saw it as an indicator to change? As a situation in which you are given the choice to grow? An opportunity to learn and become a better version of yourself?

The truth is – there will always be change and we will occasionally feel stuck and not have the solutions to deal with the situation we are encountering right away.

When you are looking back, you have lived through crisis situations before. You have lived through situations where you felt stuck or out of your depth and you have come through them. It wasn’t always easy and you might have had to use all your resources and ask for help to manage.

But manage you did!

And that is enough that you can trust yourself that you can always adapt, change, and emerge stronger, more creative, more versatile, more empathetic, and as a better version of yourself.

In that process of change, you re-calibrated. You changed and your purpose changed with you. That is part of your growth process.

So, when you look at your purpose statement now and you feel that it needs a bit of work, that your focus has shifted – then be excited and adapt your purpose to the new situation and to ways how you can make your very much needed contribution to the new circumstances you are finding yourself in.

Finding a new purpose is a sign of growth

Isn’t it exciting when change happens and you get the opportunity to create something new and exciting?

The reason for this change does not matter so much – whether it’s a new life stage that you are entering or whether your environment has changed -  the wonderful thing is that we are amazingly resourceful and able to adapt, learn, and grow.

Yes, there is a portion of uncertainty that causes fear but there’s also a large portion of opportunity that opens new doors to us.


If you are in a stage of transition or change and need help with re-defining your purpose and gaining clarity about what’s next for you – then send me a message and we can talk!

You have the choice to either quit or go to the next level!

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