Meet Kirsten

How do you know that I can help you to find the words that your clients need to hear most?

That's a tough question - and I'm happy that you're asking!
The right words can be hard to find and sometimes  it feels that they don't want to be found.

I've been on an (almost) life-long word quest...

... and when other kids were queuing for ice creams - I was waiting for the library bus to open its doors so that I could feast on words and let their power take me on a journey (that lasted much longer than ice cream).

Oh, and "I" - that's me, Kirsten, an over-qualified word-nerd who once believed other people saying that I can't earn a living with writing.

Silly really, considering that I had a Masters in Russian & English literature & linguistics and a teaching degree.

But to cut a story of many years short - I chose a corporate career over becoming a penniless writer and eventually fell in love with all things "business" (I even did an MBA while I was at it).

That gave me the opportunity to work with large global organisations, small and medium-sized vendors, consultants, and people with different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities (and achieving some amazing results).

And I noticed that results were always due to deep understanding, clarity, relationships, and trust. 

Years later, when my family and I moved half around the world to New Zealand, I finally dared to become a copywriter - "proper" qualifications and all...
 In 2015, I founded "The Word Distiller" and started writing content and copy for small and medium businesses, entrepreneurs, consultants and coaches in all sorts of industries.
 Industries do not matter too much, but what really matters for writing converting copy and content is understanding your foundations and what drives your business. Yourself, your story, purpose, goals, strategy, clients, offer, and your brand.
 And if you communicate that with clarity and purpose, then you can leave an impact.

Build a brand that stands out and gets noticed
Create leads
Connect with your ideal clients
Build meaningful relationships
Develop trust
And sell

That's a lot of responsibility and power that lies within a few words

And it is my goal to help you find those words that create business success for you.
 In fact, I'm truly excited to make that happen.

A few words about copywriting...

If you are reading this, then you already know that writing copy and content are the most powerful skills to get noticed, build relationships, and sell.
 And you also will have noticed that writing awesome copy and content takes a bit of knowledge and experience - and far too often it also takes a lot of time...
 It could be that...

You've outgrown your brand and can't quite find the words that send a clear message about who you are now and how you help your clients

You know exactly what is that you do but it's just so hard to say that with absolute clarity

You want to know the tools and techniques that let you write any content you want and get engagement

You're tired of buying $30 blueprints that are so generic that you can't see how to inject your personality and stand out

You don't know where to find the ideas and topics for consistent posting - let alone a strategy...

The good news is that you can achieve all that, make people crave your content and desire to work with you.

After all, you have a brilliant business, a great offer, and many client success stories. All you need is to get the (right) words out that show your dedication and the impact that you have on your clients' lives and businesses.

You've already done the hard work and I can contribute my knowledge, experience, skills, and absolute love for words to move you closer to your goals.

Whether it's done-with-you (and not just for you - because there's always something that I need you to do to get your copy absolutely right), working 1:1 with me or one of my online courses - I'm ready to help you unleash the power of your business through words, made perfect to allow you to stop dreaming and start living your wildest business dreams.

And just before you go - let me introduce you a bit better to Jamie...

Jamie changed my life - and it gives me a sense of pride that I changed his.
 I adopted Jamie, a border collie, in 2012, only 8 months old but with behavioural baggage that would last him a lifetime.
 We've gone through a few rough patches together and never given up on each other.
 He's my chief motivator, inspiration, entertainer, and mindset coach.
 He reminds me every day to stay balanced - from his perspective that means food, exercise, fun, and cuddles.
 From my perspective that means working with more focus to find the time for lots of hikes, trick training (he can tidy up his toys, stack bowls, jump into my arms, circling backwards around me - and at least another 30 tricks), and belly rubs.
 When you're working with me, you'll see him (and probably his little sister Shadow) joining my Zoom calls late, so that I have to get up and open the door for him.

Values matter...

Because they are the moral compass that drives my actions - every day!

Always be true to yourself!

Understanding yourself, finding your unique voice, and boldly speaking of what you believe in, attracts those who share your vision and truly want to work with you

Let actions follow your words.

Honesty, openness, transparency, and integrity are the principles that compel me to deliver on my promises and achieve results

Quality is the core ingredient for creating sustainable success - because success is deliberate and the result of consistently delivering quality while looking after yourself and those you love without burning out

True value is created when a business leaves an impact.

The right words have the power of driving change that that is built on values that serve others

The right words matter...

Because they are the key to connecting with your clients!

And if you are wondering how exactly you can get word nerd support...
Then click the magic button and travel straight to your copy-fix!

Any questions?
Just leave me a message!