Meet Kirsten

talking about building trust...

Why should you trust me to be your guide to make your business visible, valued, and trusted?

I [Kirsten] founded the Word Distiller because I believe in one thing very strongly. And that is that you want to run a successful business, that you want to know the words and phrases that make you stand out and make your favourite people want to work with you (without the struggle and blocks that come with creating your own content) – and you want to show up as your authentic self and market yourself with powerful messages that leave an impact.

And above all – you want to find clarity and inspiration that lets you share your messages consistently, strategically, and confidently.

In 2015 the Word Distiller started as a copywriting business with the intention to give small businesses a voice and websites that spread their powerful messages and grow their influence with copy that compels their “kind of people” to action.  

Apart from writing copy, I also empower my clients (using my 4-pillar framework) with a deep understanding of their unique capabilities and unlimited potential. This allows my clients to create an authentic brand (with a mission) and a drive that lets them consistently generate compelling content, topics, and messages that fire up their marketing and move them toward their goals.  

In my previous corporate life, I enabled people in large organisations to communicate better, be more influential, and collaborate more effectively – through different management roles up to heading a European head office and operations.  

The services and products that you find here are all driven by deep understanding, focus on your uniqueness, and strategic knowledge that evolves with you. When you partner with me, you’re sure to find a guide who believes in you and that you deserve to achieve the goals that you’ve set for yourself and your business.  

Working with me, you’re gaining deeper clarity about yourself, your ideal clients, your offer, and your brand so that you can create success by becoming… 


Valued &


…AND that you can market and sell your services with confidence while staying true to yourself.

I believe that you deserve to reach your goals without the blocks and struggles that come with going it on your own. And I believe that you deserve to accelerate, align, and achieve all that you desire for yourself and your clients.

It not only fulfills my purpose, but it would be an honour to be by your side on that journey. 

A few words of "wisdom" that you might need to hear...

I know that you are courageous, amazingly competent, and driven to grow and run a business that allows you to create a fulfilled life for you, the people you love, and those you serve.

And while you have consciously stepped into this life - going it on your own is not easy.

There are times, when you are too far in, doing all the things that you're meant to do, (including the daily posting, weekly lives, free groups and webinars...) but you're feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

I know exactly what that is like.

And it's probably why you are reading this.

Let me assure you, that you don't have to do this alone (raising my hand here!).

I didn't and sought out some crazily competent and experienced people who gave me a reality check, helped me see from a different perspective (including seeing my blind spots), and got me unstuck.

My knowledge, skills, experience, creativity, expertise, and frameworks are all yours to tap into!

I'm here to let you see your business and your messages from a new (and clearer) perspective and get you unstuck to  gain (the marketing) momentum that lets you create more impact and sales.

And honestly, this is a very straight-forward process that gives you insights and knowledge that will power your business for many years to come!

And just before you go - let me introduce you a bit better to Jamie...

Jamie changed my life - and it gives me a sense of pride that I changed his.
I adopted Jamie, a border collie, in 2012, only 8 months old but with behavioural baggage that would last him a lifetime.
We've gone through a few rough patches together and never given up on each other.
He's my chief motivator, inspiration, entertainer, and mindset coach.
He reminds me every day to stay balanced - from his perspective that means food, exercise, fun, and cuddles.
From my perspective that means working with more focus to find the time for lots of hikes, trick training (he can tidy up his toys, stack bowls, jump into my arms, circling backwards around me - and at least another 30 tricks), and belly rubs.
When you're working with me, you'll see him (and probably his little sister Shadow) joining my Zoom calls late, so that I have to get up and open the door for him.

This is what drives my actions...

This is what I believe in. What I stand for and what drives my daily actions. 


Quality & Outcomes

The Word Distiller stands for quality that creates outcomes that lead and last into the future.

These outcomes are driven by a vision that goes beyond the individual and is grounded in collaboration and mutual inspiration.

With that we build legacies that last and are built on quality that feeds from the attention to detail and the depth of the work we are doing.


Learning to Infinite Growth

Learning and knowledge are the keys to growth and development that allow us to evolve and grow an agile and sustainable business.

It is the notion that there’s always something new to learn that keeps life exciting and us on our toes as we strive to grow and serve at the highest level that we can possibly provide.


Authenticity & Integrity

Integrity is not a big value that we pin on a vision board.

Integrity is very much about who we are.

Integrity stems from the clarity and the standards that we set for ourselves as we live our lives authentically, being true to who we are in every little action that we take.


Creativity & Uniqueness

Our minds, experiences, knowledge, and expertise form totally unique personalities with a unique perspective on the things we encounter.

In the same way that we are unique beings, our minds are uniquely creative and able to contribute in unique and often disruptive ways.

Change is nothing that we fear but rather aspire to, as it opens us up to the magic of possibility of what we can and will achieve.

Free Canva Template to...

CREATE  A CUSTOMER AVATAR VISION BOARD + worksheets that help you answer questions that go deep!

The right words matter...

Because they are the key to connecting with your clients!

Need help to excel at crafting content, copy, and marketing messages that make your business visible, valued, and trusted - and then sell with confidence and authenticity?

Then drop me a line and find out how we can make that happen for you!