A roadmap from collecting client dreams to creating better client lives

Everyone tells you that you need to know your clients' dreams. But in how much detail and what then...

Know your avatar’s dream! That’s probably one of the most overused sentences in marketing.

Overused or rather misused for two reasons:

  • You are using commonplace dreams on a very high level
  • You have never really looked at how you can be instrumental to manifesting the dream in your clients’ lives – step by step

Have you ever thought of yourself as the agent who makes your clients’ dreams happen? That sounds a bit woo-woo but I assure you that I am a very non-woo-woo person who will go into a bit of detail about why you better should pay more attention to your avatar’s dreams.

What if you treated dreams like goals?

Think about it! What if you treated dreams like goals that we and our avatar set out to achieve?

Mind you, you’d have to move away from SMART goals and go beyond what’s “realistic” to give your clients the dream results that they aspire to.

Realistic goals are for those who don’t dare, who like to live by convention, who like to stick to the rules and give up their real dreams for what others deem realistic.

Was Kennedy’s dream of putting mankind on the moon realistic? Yet he did just that! Is Musk’s dream of putting mankind on Mars realistic? Maybe not – but what he’s achieved in space so far has been believed to be too far-fetched by many of his critics.

Only last week we stood on our deck looking at the night sky seeing a perfectly spaced line of 30 or 40 satellites cruising across the sky above our house.

My husband laments the fact that I am not very much into sci-fi and space – but goodness me – I felt like I was witnessing something that I had known only from movies and of a profoundness that carries the promise to change our lives forever. That line of satellites was the living proof of what we are capable of when we follow our dreams.

And the truth is – Musk’s dream didn’t manifest out of thin air – he looked at his dream like a goal that he could make tangible. A goal that he broke down into steps (and that is probably one stage of his Mars project).

So, what if you took your wildest dreams and treated them as a goal? What would be the steps that you would need to take to make them happen?

And now, take your clients’ dreams and think about them as goals that you can help them turn into reality.

Making dreams happen starts with a clear definition

If your (or your client’s) dream is to be a better parent – then you need to define what it means to be a better parent.

What actions do you take?

Who do you need to become to be a better parent?

What character traits do you need to develop?

What do you need to learn to be a better parent?

How will transform being a better parent my life, my kids’ lives, my community and all those who are touched by the ripple effect?

What people do you need to seek out to learn how to be a better parent?

Which books do you need to read?

Which professionals do you need to see?

Which courses do you need to take?

It is important that you write down your dream very precisely and then define what this dream means to you and how it manifests in your life. For that, I recommend painting mental images that you (and then, of course, your avatar, can imagine in very specific details).

Answer all the questions above (and more) and be very specific about the factors that validate the achievement of your dream.

Creating a roadmap to building dreams

If you don’t implement your dreams will remain to be just that – dreams. But when you treat dreams like goals, then you can create a roadmap and a plan on how to turn dreams into reality.

This is probably one of the most profound actions that you can take to transform a dream into a very tangible goal.

With a roadmap, you can break up the process into stages, tasks and individual actions that each contributes to the achievement of the dream.

I remember this video of a disabled veteran who had a dream of walking unassisted again and made it happen step by step despite all the discouragement he received.

You can take a look at his journey here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qX9FSZJu448&t=3s

The yoga instructor the veteran worked with did exactly what you should do with your clients’ dreams: believing in your client and creating a roadmap and a plan that empowers them to achieve their dreams.

Of course, this plan relies on your abilities to guide your clients through every part of their journey –having an offer that transforms your client step by step and it relies on you being able to talk about these transformational steps in a way that resonates with your clients and allows them to believe that their transformation is possible!

When you hear that you need to know your avatar’s dream…

Then that means that…

  • you have a perfect understanding of every part of the journey that they need to get to their destination
  • you need to be aware of what their dream means to them and how they need to transform
  • you need to know what it means for them to lose that dream
  • you should have a plan to keep them in touch with their dream -  every day
  • you should have the knowledge and expertise to give them the skills that they need and support them to grow into their dream
  • You need to “have the language” that allows them to see their dream clearly and envision every step of their journey
  • You need to have more clarity about your clients’ dreams than they have
  • You need to believe in your clients to stay the course and believe in yourself that you can motivate them to complete the journey

Knowing and understanding your clients’ dreams is not just an empty phrase – it is a commitment for you to figure out all the details that they need to make their dream become reality.

It is your job to…

  • help them keep their dream alive – every day
  • prevent them from getting disconnected from their dream because of them getting too tired, too distracted, too busy…
  • motivate your clients every day to show up and do the work although it might be difficult
  • have a process that works for them and gets them results

And finally…

When you define your avatars, make sure that you take their dreams as seriously as their dreams are for them. Your clients need you to make their dreams come true – and you need absolute clarity about your avatar (and their dreams) and your offer (and how it leads through the desired transformation).

If that’s something that you need support with – then drop me a message because I have that plan and the programme that takes you absolute brand and marketing clarity.

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