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Learn how to use your voice with purpose and an intention of change to leave an impact

Recently, I wrote a blog post about the six elements you need to understand to discover your voice.

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This blog is different. It’s about empowering your voice. Using your voice with purpose and the intention of change.

That also implies that your voice is not for everyone – that you might antagonise and even repel some people. But that is what you absolutely want to do!

You want those with you to whom your voice and your message matter. Those you share your values, ethics, and beliefs. Those who are moved to take action and see opportunities for change in your voice.

If you are using your voice in that way – then you become a connector of people. Someone who shares ideas, concepts, knowledge, and insights – and yes, a specific energy that resonates with those people who feel and think like you.

So, when you raise your voice – what do you possess that you can share with others?

What can you teach them, which insights can you give them, what incentive can you give them to act or create change?

If you think about it –

Our voice has always been there but we've unlearned how to use it...

As children, we’ve used our voice to ask for things we wanted, told people what we like and don’t like. We spoke our minds!

Until we were taught not to speak our minds. To hold back and say what’s expected. Especially in a corporate environment that is a very strong force that can suffocate or bury your voice under a whole lot of corporate jargon and a culture that can overpower you because you make it yours.

What we say is censored and validated by others who decide whether what you say is in line with what the company wants to hear.

Validation of others becomes a force that can hide your own voice not only in business (“We don’t talk like that!” “That’s not what we say!”) but in your day-to-day life.

Who hasn’t heard phrases like “That’s not what you say to a friend, client, partner, new acquaintance, your kids, neighbours - or when you first meet someone, at a party, during a meeting…?”

And in the end, you muzzle your voice with so many rules that it becomes natural to you to only say what’s expected in a certain situation or location. Don’t antagonise!

But however strongly you force your voice into a corset of “correctness”…

Your voice still lives in your head

Have you been in that situation when, in your head, you replay a conversation you’ve had with someone and play through all the scenarios of what you could have said, should have said?

Or when you remained silent in a situation where you could have spoken but didn’t dare to?

And that’s exactly where you can take the first step to empower your voice:

Acknowledge that you have a voice

Stop for a moment when you hear your own voice and acknowledge that you would have loved to say something different.

What is it that you want to say? Whom do you want to hear your message?

The thing is – you have a brain…

And with that comes a world of silent conversations, ideas, experiences, and memories. Your brain is so full of ideas that are waiting to be shared with the world.

Whether you speak, write, paint or create sculptures – you have a voice!

If you are passionate about what you have to say in whatever form, then you can share your ideas.

Don’t wait for permission or encouragement – it might never come because no one else but you knows what’s going on in your head and how you feel.

But imagine: if you dared to use your voice – what change could that bring? What impact could that have on those you touch with your voice?

Do you see? When you speak out – your voice has power!

And here’s what I want you to do. When you are having those silent conversations, when you are stopping at a thought that you read in a book and your thoughts are drifting off…

Pause and acknowledge the thought and if you can – write it down! Believe me when I say that there are people who need to hear your voice.

Because when you do speak out, you realise the power in your voice!

Realise the power in your voice

A little while ago, I had a conversation with a fellow entrepreneur whom I had come to know quite well.

Our conversation was leading us into a vulnerable space and then I took the plunge and said: “I think I’m scared of success!”

And there it was, that ugly thought that’s been bugging me for a while. That pebble in my shoe that sometimes makes me slow down to snail pace.

But what happened was amazing…

She said – “me too, and I am so glad you’re saying that.”

Because of that one sentence, we were able to connect on a new level – and we agreed to take action. We created a small mastermind of entrepreneurs who have exactly that in common with us.

We are still writing that story but the change that this one sentence has brought is quite remarkable. Looking back at this moment in a few years will be exciting. Seeing what change this one bold sentence has brought to our lives.

There’s so much opportunity and power in your voice!

This one sentence has connected us on an entirely new level and if you think about it – speaking your truth can connect you with your audience on a much deeper level.

So, here’s what I suggest…

Identify the messages that matter to you

What is it that you feel passionate about? 

To connect with people, you don’t need a traumatic backstory, you need a shared experience, a shared struggle, or dream. That’s what connects you. 

Think about it – what is your intention? Whom do you want to help, inspire and set on fire? 

Do you want to teach people, educate, motivate, heal? 

Think about the knowledge you have to share, your expertise, your insights? What is it that you can put into words and share with others?

And when I said – “what do you feel passionately about?” – then I said that with the intention of making your voice as powerful as possible. 

Only if we feel connected to our own message, feel passionate, and care about sharing our message so that others can benefit from it – then we are giving our message power. 

We are giving our voice visibility and we are allowing others to connect with your message and acknowledge something that they might have been too scared to say out loud (but wished they had). 

When you allow your voice to be heard, then you give others the opportunity to join you, speak out and make their voices heard and your voice more powerful.

Whom do you want to hear you?

But not everyone wants to hear your voice. And that is fine. When you know what you want to talk about – then it also becomes clear who you want to talk to.

This is about your target audience – but not in the same way as in defining the demographics.

This is about the mental space they are in when listening to your message. It is about what they need to hear about that issue that they are trying to figure out, the problem they want to leave behind or the idea they want to bring to life.

When your message matches your audience’s intention, then you resonate and share a perspective, probably values and goals.

Your message needs to meet the right people at the right time and then they take action. Sometimes your audience is not ready to either hear your message or take action – but at some point, they will.

For now, all that matters is that they remember and when they are ready, they will join you. They will join you when your voice serves their purpose.

And with that in mind – don’t be too focused to talk about what they maybe want to hear – be focused on what message you want to share. The message that is important to you and that you are qualified to talk about.

When they are ready and in the right place to hear your message. When they are ready and in a stage where your message serves their purpose, they will connect.

What's the intention behind your message?

Now that people are hearing you – where do you want your message to take you and your audience? What change do you want to create?

When we know who we are impacting and where they are, then it becomes easier to figure out where they want to go.

Understanding the intent and the goal(s) behind your message gives your message clarity. With an understanding that your voice has power, you are taking on responsibility.

All of a sudden, your voice and your message have become bigger than you. Now, you need to ensure that you offer value and insights – that lead towards the goal that you have set yourself.

There’s not much value in talking for the sake of talking. Your message needs direction, intention, and purpose.

I have a programme that takes you helps you discover and define your brand messaging foundations and a strategy that helps you grow your business. 

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You find that purpose in the people who listen to your voice. Treat it with care, listen to them, and inspire each other – then your voice will have the power to create the change that you want to see.

If this message resonates with you – but you feel that you need support with defining your voice and messages – then send me a message!

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