How to talk about your offer to make it too irresistible to miss

Effectively and confidently talking about your offer needs clarity on a few foundations that you need in place before you start talking.

A confused mind doesn’t buy

How often have you dismissed an offer because it lacked clarity? And with how many people have you spoken - who haven’t taken you up on your offer?

People come to me because their sales or landing pages are not converting. They come because they feel that there is a disconnect between them and their audience – and that they are talking to the wrong audience.

The reason – the offer and how they talk about their offer lacks clarity.

Clarity you need before you talk about your offer

Talking about your offer is not the real problem – because we all can talk. It’s about HOW you talk about your offer and the foundations you need to talk about your offer with absolute clarity.

Let’s talk about these foundations – because foundations are what you need to create clarity.

Your positioning

Before you talk about your offer, you need to be clear on its place in the market. There are four commonly known niches and your offer fits into one of them:

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Relationships
  • Personal Development

If you are working with parents who are struggling with putting their baby to sleep – then you are in the “health” niche because sleep is essential to everyone’s wellbeing.

If you are coaching people on how to generate leads – then your offer falls into the “wealth” niche. Or if you – like me – coach people to define their brand messaging – then you are in the “wealth” niche as well.

If you are a marriage councillor, then your services fall into the “relationships” niche.

If you are a life coach – then your services belong in the “personal development” niche

And within each of these niches, you find multiple sub-niches. One of my clients is a Leadership and Transitional Coach, working with African-Caribbean Senior Professionals to become the best version of themselves by helping them create new opportunities through learning what they never knew and unlearning what they believe to be true but doesn’t serve them any longer.

You could niche that down even further to Senior professionals who want to leave their corporate roles and want to start their own businesses, or those who are seeking a new role in a new industry that is more meaningful for them, want to get promoted, or start following a passion like writing a book or becoming known as a speaker.

In my last blog post, I spoke about why your audience needs an offer that is specifically tailored to them and that the finer you niche, the more details you can define your ideal client avatar and create an offer that matches their exact needs.

You can read this blog by clicking on the image below:

This brings us to the next foundation you need clarity on:

Clarity about your target audience

When talking about your offer, you need to know exactly who your offer is for, where they are in their customer’s journey, so that you know where exactly you are picking them up, what transformation they want and what the specific outcome of that transformational journey is.

It is important to understand what type of person your client is – whether they love to learn (then you can share heaps of knowledge and they will soak it all up like sponges), whether they prefer to take action (then they need exercises and tasks that they can perform at every step of their journey), whether they strongly believe in something (like gender equality or healthy eating), what their way of learning is (whether they like to work face to face, watch online videos, enjoy group sessions, or prefer workbooks that they can work through in their own time), what kind of qualifications they have and need to achieve the outcomes that they desire.

And you need to be crystal clear on the outcome or endpoint of their journey with you.

That implies that you need to be able to talk about situations and scenarios that your clients experience when they have solved their problems. The emotions they experience when they have removed their obstacles or created the new thing that you are promising them.

You need to be able to speak to a very defined outcome that they want to experience. Like parents of young children who want bedtime to be fun, their nights uninterrupted, and their sleep restorative so that they can be fully present in their jobs and enjoy the time with their children.

But where do you pick your clients up?

Every end has a beginning

Above I talked about your client's current reality and what they are experiencing right now. How they live their lives right now and what issues they are facing every day.

Knowing where you meet your clients is important for the creation of your offer and what you include in your offer.

When you are using storytelling (which I recommend) then it is absolutely necessary to talk about the current “normal”. Talking about the reality your clients are experiencing is essential for developing your story.

The reason – every “normal” reaches a turning point. A crisis that drives them to take action and find a solution to create an aspirational “new normal”.

By understanding their lived reality and their pain points you can speak directly to their pain points and about the situations they are experiencing right now. And you can explain to them how fixing their problem will help them achieve those outcomes and results that I spoke about in the previous section.  

But how do you bridge the gap between the “normal” and the “new normal”?

What is included in your offer?

Your offer is the bridge that takes your clients from their current reality to their new and aspirational reality.

And because our brains are always worried about being safe – people want a plan. They want to know what principles, methods, steps, and tools you are using to help them cross that bridge.

That means that you need to have a clear outline of the journey you are taking them on. You need to know what the stops and the dangerous points of the journey are, the tools and techniques you can provide them with to navigate through these points.

They basically want to know HOW you help them. Do you have developed your own method, are you following someone else’s programme, what kind of techniques are you using?

And depending on what kind of services you are offering – they also want to know how long it will take to complete their journey.

This could range from a single workshop to continuous coaching over several years.

With clarity on all these points, you should have an idea about the investment you want your clients to make – time investment and money investment – because…

Don’t talk about your offer without knowing the price point

New business owners or even seasoned business owners who have a new offer can be unsure about what they want to charge for their offers.

Not knowing the price before you enter a conversation about your offer can lose you a client. Even if it is hard and even if you are still a little unclear about what you want to charge for your offer – before you go into a conversation, you need clarity on the price for at least that conversation.

I recommend writing it down on a piece of paper – you can even break it down into segments and attach a price to each segment of your offer.

And especially if it’s a new offer – be prepared to get the price wrong. With new offers, you are testing the market. You are exploring the value that your offer has in the minds of your prospects.

Depending on whether you are having a face-to-face conversation or are presenting your offer in writing…

In a face-to-face conversation (and if you have led your prospect through a conversation that involved a lot of listening on your part), your prospect will ask you how to get started.

In an offer post or on a sales page, you need to have effective “CTAs” (Call to action). These should be outcome-oriented and be attached to typical outcomes that your clients achieve.

And here comes mine…

If you need support with talking about your offer – then send me a message with the content form below this post!

I can help you gain clarity on all the foundations I have mentioned in this post in my 1:1 coaching programme.

For more details about my offer – just click here!

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