Making your messaging meaningful & memorable through serving your clients with contribution

Making a contribution to other people's lives is a way to make your service more meaningful and memorable

What is it that makes some posts more impactful, meaningful, and memorable than others? 

A couple of weeks ago, I came across a post on LinkedIn that stopped me in my tracks. The post was by Charlie Beswick (you can check out her profile here and take a look at the post that hit me like a hammer and made me connect with Charlie). 

I was taken by the fact that something uncontrollable happened in her life and that she made choices when meeting the challenge of a life-altering disability that one of her twins was born with.   

She chose to give her son and the world her best and create a movement to support other mothers who find themselves with an altered life following their child’s diagnosis or disability. 

One of her recent posts reached over 2.8 million people on LinkedIn alone! 

Creating meaning through contribution

I began to think about why Charlie’s post made me stop – although I don’t share the same reality.  

What was it that hooked me, grabbed my heart, and hi-jacked my attention? 

It was the clarity of Charlie’s message about the contribution that she’s making to other people’s lives.  

It was the grace with which she lives her truth and the path of contribution that she deliberately chose to pursue to not only make her life and that of her family meaningful – but also the lives of all those she touches through her messages. 

Living a meaningful life through contribution is a powerful message that every human being resonates with. And that’s where the virality of Charlie’s posts come from.  

Charlie’s posts make us see that what we choose as a response to an uncontrollable situation can be significant. Our choices matter because our choices make our actions meaningful, and our choices motivate us to create something that impacts those that touch our lives. 

Does that also mean that we all need to have life-altering experiences that force us to make meaningful choices? 

Yes and no… 

No, we don’t need to be faced with uncontrollable circumstances (although they often act as a catalyst in our lives) – but yes, if we want to make meaningful contributions, then we do need to ask ourselves how we can contribute towards people we really care about. 

What can you do to contribute? 

When I started out as a copywriter, I was still recovering from being shell-shocked by losing my job and seeking something that fired me up, doing something that I enjoyed and where I could use my knowledge and experience.  

It was all about me – and it wasn’t until I realised that what I do every day shouldn’t only be about me. What I felt inside, was that I wanted to contribute something meaningful to the lives of others. 

Just churning out generic copy for my clients was not enough for me. That didn’t fire me up. I wanted to leave an impact. I wanted my work to matter through my clients. I wanted to empower my clients to deliver messages that change the lives of those they are touching. 

 That led me to set a new purpose which I have condensed into three words: 

Listen – enlighten – empower 

Listening to my clients, extracting the deeper messages that they are not always consciously aware of, enlighten them about the gifts that lie within them (how to use them) - and empowering them to share their messages of contribution in a way that touches the hearts and minds of their audience so that their efforts create a snowball effect. 

My purpose is that of a message finder and catalyst to greater contribution.  

That’s why I am working with clients who feel an urge to contribute in their own way. To leave an impact and change the world for the better. 

Most of my clients are coaches but I have also worked with businesses that want to create a cleaner environment, help their clients build wealth while living meaningful lives, or create vehicles that allow disabled people to live full and purposeful lives… 

The coaches I am working with help their clients through a transformation that allows them to contribute to a better world. That in turn, allows them to lead more meaningful lives.  

But back to you… 

You too have a meaningful purpose and something that you can contribute to the greater good of others. 

Amplify your contribution through communication and messaging

And through sharing a message of contribution, you can connect with more people in a meaningful way. 

Meaningful messages resonate not only with those with who you can directly work but also with those who share your beliefs and values, spread your word, and thus increase your reach.  

However, you need to communicate with absolute clarity so that your audience understands what it is that you are helping them do, and how that impacts their contribution. 

When you do that, you help them find the spark in their own actions, you also create a community of people who matter to you and who want to matter in their lives.  

If you want to make your messages to be meaningful and memorable – then you need to identify what your contribution is and how you can communicate that in a way that touches the hearts and minds of others.  

I am challenging you to share with me what you want your contribution to be – and if you find that you need help with communicating that, then drop me a message. 

The form is right below! 

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