Why you should gift your clients with clarity - so that they thrive on the positivity you share

Gift your clients with clarity through your frameworks - for focus that allows them to create more and better outputs in their lives

Is there anything that feels better than making someone else’s life better?

Making someone else happier, giving them joy, success or the confidence to perform a new skill – that is something that makes feel us better.

It feeds our internal drive and needs for contribution. The need to give to others and our community so that we, in turn, feel better. (Brendon Burchard has written about our internal drive for contribution as one of the 10 human drives that let us lead a charged-up life in his book “The Charge” and it is an amazing book full of insights that let you lead a better life)

But back to you and your clients.

Maya Angelou said…

“I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

This is particularly important at times that are charged with negativity and disaster. Any time you listen to the latest news or look at what’s happening in the world, the bad news is dominating...

People are struggling to get through the day feeling positive - and it’s taking a toll on their happiness and eventually on their mental wellbeing.

It’s hard to stay positive when the world around you is crumbling and falling apart. When every piece of news that we encounter seems to reinforce that entropy is taking over.

But we mustn’t lose heart and only see the chaos around us growing. We are also creators of our own world, and we have the power to generate positivity and make the decision to counterbalance disaster. By generating and sharing positivity, we can help others live brighter days full of energy and purpose.

You have the power to make your clients feel better, more alive, fulfilled, appreciated, competent…

You can make every day of their lives brighter so that they thrive on the positivity that you share with them – and remember you for the positive feelings and experiences that you gave them.

The world is in dire need of positivity – and you have the power to generate and share positivity every day

When you wake up in the morning. What are your first thoughts and actions? What are the intentions that you set for your day?

Positivity starts the minute we open gain consciousness and open our eyes. Right that moment you can get up and start your day with a mind focused on loss and disaster – or you can set the intention to have a wonderful day and do your best to make it a wonderful day for other people too.

With having a voice comes responsibility

Words trigger action. Sometimes they even trigger actions that you never meant to happen. Every word matters and you should use your words conscientiously to achieve the outcomes that are congruent with your intentions.

You can unbalance the negativity in other people’s lives by sharing contagious positivity. You can declutter your audience’s minds to make room for positive things that matter.

It’s not about ignoring what’s happening in the world – it’s about building resilience and strategies that allow you to healthily deal with the negativity that’s all too prevalent.

When you see a “rant” post – make a helpful comment that acknowledges the writer’s pain but opens a new and positive perspective…

When you hear someone complaining – talk about the opportunities that are hidden in the challenges they are facing…

Our attitude is our choice.

Choosing positivity creates space to thrive.

A positive mind performs better and a positive message nurtures resilience and thriving

Athletes perform better when they go into a competition with a positive mindset and the determination of performing at their best.

Even if they formally don’t win – they can gain experience, make progress, see a payoff from the hard training they put in. And that is still a win that furthers their growth and shows them that they are thriving.

When you allow yourself to acknowledge your progress, then you build a platform for further progress because you see that what you have achieved today - is one step further ahead in your journey.

If your clients haven’t reached their goals yet – acknowledge their progress because they often don’t see that they are making progress. Celebrate even small achievements with them because that motivates them to get up the next day to take another step towards their goal.

Help them not to get lost in negativity and overwhelm.

The gift of clarity creates consistent prolific outputs

I love frameworks because they allow you to see your goal, your strategy, and the actions you need to take to reach that goal.

If you give your clients a framework that they can apply to their situation, then you take away overwhelm and frustration but gift them with clarity, direction, and a plan of action.

The clarity that you gift your clients through your frameworks gives them focus that allows them to create more and better outputs which lead to greater achievements.

And over time you empower them to create consistent prolific outputs that lead them towards the success they desire.

A few last words…

Above I said that our attitude is our choice.

When you choose positivity, then this will be reflected in your actions and your messages.

In times like this, people need lots of positivity, hope, and encouragement. If you let that shine through in your content, then I am sure that your audience sees that you are coming from a place of service to them – and that you support them to thrive.

If you are not quite sure how you can infuse your messages with positivity – then send me a message and we can work out how I can help you.

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