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Copy & Content that Grows Visibility, Impact & Revenue


Your foundations for authentic content & copy that connects & converts

You're an expert (re-)defining, building and growing your brand. But you want to focus on serving your clients rather than wrestling with words. The Word Distiller helps you to clarify and define your brand messaging so that you can communicate with impact, authenticity, and ease!

A unique messaging framework

Distilling your brand's messages with a propriatory messaging framework to stand out & stay consistent across all platforms

Business Expert & copywriter

Rock-solid business knowledge & expertise, combined with writing qualifications to help you create an impactful brand messaging repository

Strategy meets creativity

Defining personalised strategies that work for you, eliminating 2nd guessing & empowering you to be connected, consistent & authentic

Psychology -driven Approach

Using psychology-based frameworks to uncover the WHY behind your actions & messaging to create clarity & intentional impact

You offer services that your clients desperately need.

And you're ready to make your business visible, valued & trusted...

If only it wasn't so hard to  cut through the noise...

You have written posts, blogs, and newsletters, created lead magnets, and even your website copy...

But nobody told you how hard it is to be visible, valued, and trusted amongst so many other amazing businesses.

Creating the messages that inspire and connect with your ideal clients can be so overwhelming - and it can stop you from achieving the goals that you've set yourself.  

Goals that your clients need and you desire and deserve!

Maybe you're unsure what your clients want and need to hear...

Maybe you're unclear about who you are as a brand & how to talk as a brand...

Maybe you don't know what makes you different and gets you noticed...

Maybe you get stuck with translating your thoughts into concise messages... 

And maybe all of this and more gets you stuck...

You are definitely not alone with this. And I am here to help you...

In fact, The Word Distiller exists to help you find the clarity and messages that make your business visible, valued, and trusted without the long-term frustration of figuring it all out by yourself!

Don't you believe that your solutions are too valuable to be overlooked?

Don't you think that now's the time to stop struggling on your own and team up with someone who has a proven framework to ignite your marketing with clarity and messages that make your perfect clients say - "She's the one for me!"?

Coaching & Services

The Clarity Code -
Master Your Message for Growth

1:1 Coaching - finding (business, purpose, and messaging) clarity  & master your authentic voice to grow your business

The Word Distillery -
Done With & For You Copywriting Service

"Done with & for you" copywriting to create magnetic and authentic copy that sells

No interesting stories to tell?

What if you could tell business stories that fascinate and SELL?
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So, who's the Word Distiller?

I believe that purpose and action grow from clarity, a need to contribute, and intention
(+ the ability to translate these into words that connect and compel to take action).

The Word Distiller is a team of Kirsten (Copywriter & Brand Messaging Strategist) and Jamie (Canine Clarity Assistant) who strive to empower purposeful entrepreneurs to communicate with more impact and clarity so that they and their clients can imagine and build better futures.

While I have the privilege to work with amazing clients, he ensures that I have enough time to reflect and find inspiration (on the beach or in the forest)...

What my amazing clients say about me...

For years I struggled to find my niche and my brand without much progress. The Coaches and consultants I worked with didn’t help much, as they gave me back pretty much what I told them, no real breakthrough or transformation. Granted, because of my experiences as a serial entrepreneur and business- owner, deciding on a direction was very difficult for me. I NEEDED EXPERT HELP!

 I was going around in circles and not making any progress. I was too close to my problem and really could not see what was preventing me from making real progress. I was about to quit and bury my dreams. Then I was introduced to Kirsten.  

She gave me solutions, not just information. She has a system that works and because of the time she spent with me initially and throughout our time together, I now have a track to run on, I am clear about my niche, my brand and my brand's messages. I am no longer going around in circles.
Ron Escoffery
Speaker, Author, Mentor & Entrepreneur at Ron Escoffery Consulting
Clarity, focus and direction is what I got from working with Kirsten.

She is one in a million when it comes to listening and using my words to communicate my brand personality in all of my messages.

Since working with her my visibility on Linkedln has increased and I now have more people reaching out to connect and collaborate with me globally.  

Definitely someone who is passionate and committed about her work and making the difference to her clients.
Lorlett Hudson FRSA
Executive Leadership & Transitional Coach, CEO & Founder at One Hand Cant Clap
One Hand Cant Clap Logo

It’s hard to overstate the difference Kirsten has made on my business.

 When I first contacted her, I couldn’t work out why my copy wasn’t converting. I knew the sorts of things I “should” have on my website but I was overwhelmed with trying to work out how to do it all and so I thought I would just get someone to do it for me.

From the first time we spoke on the phone, I knew we were on the same page and rather than being overwhelmed, I felt excited about getting started.  

Kirsten’s approach was so thorough and enlightened. She was able to so clearly identify the fundamentals that I had been missing – my brand, my voice, my why! Going forward I am so much clearer about the writing process and instead of feeling overwhelmed, I feel empowered.  I would HIGHLY recommend!

Kate Johnson 
Sleep Psychophysiologist, CEO & Founde Babysomnia
Quartz Wealth Logo

We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Kirsten. She worked collaboratively to really understand our business and the people working within it. We initially worked with Kirsten because we felt that our copy didn’t convey who we are as people or the value we add to clients.

We had new services to offer clients, but we didn’t know how to engage with our audience. Our copy wasn’t engaging and didn’t adequately introduce potential clients to who we are, what to expect when working with us and how we can help them, but we didn’t know how to solve the problem.

After working with Kirsten we now feel that the language we use on our website and marketing does a far better job of engaging with our target audience and articulating our value. Overall working with Kirsten was a really positive experience. Not only do we feel that we’ve got far better copy, we came out of the process with a better understanding of the brand’s personality and our individual strengths.

This knowledge has helped improve our overall communication and engagement with our potential clients and ultimately enabled us to help more people with our services.

Anna Robinson
General Manager at QUARTZ WEALTH

Quartz Wealth Logo

Before working with Kirsten I wrote a lot of posts, a podcast, and tried to write a blog years ago. I had some training in copy and content creation, but I felt like I wasn’t getting traction. I would write a lot of posts and podcast episode and I wasn’t getting the engagement that I wanted.

I often felt frustrated. I had good things to say but wasn’t able to really bring it across to my audience in an impactful way. I also knew I needed to share more stories - about me and my clients - but I had no idea how to do that well. After working with Kirsten I feel way more confident in both my writing and who my audience is! We spent a lot of time working on my audience, what they needed and who they are. It was really helpful because now when I write, I know exactly what problems I’m solving and for whom.

When I write my podcast, it has a better flow, more stories, and it’s starting to get more listeners. When I write my content, I know exactly who I’m talking to and it feels so much easier! I signed up to work with Kirsten to learn how to write better posts and I got so much more. I got more clarity on my ideal client, discovered my brand voice, and I learned more about myself and how my strengths serve my clients. Thank you Kirsten for all you do to help me become a better leader, writer, and entrepreneur!!

Kristine Kolzing

Quartz Wealth Logo

OMG words cannot express gratitude to Kirsten.  I must say I do enjoy writing but it's not the same when you need to create amazing copy that speaks to people.  My biggest challenge was to summarise my message and words so that it's clear and catchy. I also wanted to make sure that all my copy is aligned with my style and values.

 Kirsten took the time to understand me, my business, and my ideas and put them into life. My biggest fear was that it would not be authentic to me but Kirsten took all notes, and my comments, and my numerous revisions and just made my project alive.  My Purposeful Travel concept is so important to me and I am so happy and grateful for Kirsten's help as it's going to make an impact and difference to so many people.

 I must say I did a copywriting course and while it was awesome I still felt that I need this helping hand to walk me through the project and boost my confidence as well.  I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs assistance with copywriting and I am sure we will cooperate on a number of occasions.  In addition, to Kirsten's professionalism, I felt like her values, attitude, and ability to really dig deep is just a so important as well and that what makes a difference.  Thank you again.  Marina

Marina Gomberg

The kind of knowledge I share on my blog...

4 Quick Repeatable Tips that Stop You Feeling Like an Imposter & Boost Your Confidence

Everyone gets stuck – at some point – with some seemingly insurmountable problem.  The truth is, that some are moving faster than you, some are moving at the same pace while others are moving slower or even give up and say goodbye to their dreams and ambitions.

 Feeling stuck is more common than you might think. And the difference lies in how you are dealing with it. What actions you take to get yourself out of that situation.

Writing Content That Your Audience Needs In 2022 - Content Ideas That Uplift & Excite

After two years of unpredictability and negativity dominating the news, people, now more than ever, need positivity… And this is where you can make a difference and change perspectives, minds, and the way how people feel and deal with their challenges. You have the power to bring your audience positivity, joy, and hope.

Making your messaging meaningful & memorable through serving your clients with contribution

Making a contribution to other people's lives is a way to make your service more meaningful and memorable.

 What is it that makes some posts more impactful, meaningful, and memorable than others?

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Writing story-based testimonials that make your prospects want to work with you!

Need help to excel at crafting content, copy, and marketing messages that make your business visible, valued, and trusted - and then sell with confidence and authenticity?

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“Kirsten wrote the material for the “About Us” segment for my website. I expected Kirsten to go through my CV and write up something; but she spent about two hours with me asking me questions to get to know me as a person beyond who I am as an accountant. She got me confessing of my love of chocolates and interest in quantum physics! I was impressed by Kirsten’s approach which was refreshingly different and authentic. At the end of our meeting I told Kirsten that I feel I have known her for a very long time!”

Amali Fonseca
Accounting Focus

“Kirsten is a true professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her guidance and helpful ideas have supported me reach my goals.
Kirsten is very knowledgeable and walked me through the process while making many positive suggestions along the way. Her tips and willingness to help have made a huge difference. She provided me with ideas from her research, worksheets to guide and explained all the terms in an easy to understand way.
The best thing I liked about Kirsten was she worked very hard to understand exactly what I was trying to achieve and worked with me. I actually felt she truly wanted me to succeed and was part of my plan.
I am truly grateful for all her assistance and guidance and would not hesitate to use her services again.”

Haydon Mattson
NZ Property Lawyer

“What differentiated Kirsten’s work was the depth of understanding gained in the initial engagement period. This investment of her time and approach then easily translating into  unique, timely and quality outputs. From my perspective, she delivered a bespoke product that captured and clearly portrayed my personal brand. A great investment and interaction”

Ian gray