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Powerful messaging comes from clarity about yourself, your clients, your offer & your brand

Your messaging connects you with your audience...

It aligns your audience with you through values and what matters to you most. It resonates only with those you love to work with. And it moves those who love your message to action.
It is your messaging that makes you visible, heard, loved - and sells.
So, now it's time for you to claim the power of YOUR words - whether that is writing your own copy and content (and I tell you EXACTLY how you can do that) - or letting me bring the right words, knowledge, and strategy to your business.
There's no reason why you cannot reach your most ambitious business goals or captivate your audience with words that are authentically (and unapologetically) yours!
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The Clarity Code -
Brand Messaging Foundations

1:1 Coaching -  Creating brand messaging foundations that make your brand irresistibly different

The Word Distillery -
Done With & For You Copywriting Service

"Done with & for you" copywriting to create magnetic and authentic copy that sells

Business Storytelling -
The Most Powerful Marketing Tool

An online course that teaches you how to tell stories in your business that fascinate, build relationships, and sell

The Sales Page Power Hour -
An Online Learning & 1:1 Coaching Combo

A powerful combo of online learning & 1:1 coaching that lets you write magnetic sales pages that convert

Single 1:1 targeted Coaching Session

A single coaching session for business owners who want clarity and dive into one specific topic or issue

Your messaging is a behaviour trigger...

Jamie the anxious border collie and I have a lot of history together.

Now, Jamie is responsible for balancing mindset, inspiration, and fitness...

But when we first met - he was a nervous bundle of anxieties and defensive behaviours.

It took me a while to figure out why he was so scared and what it was that triggered his behaviour.

I had to learn what behaviour was, how triggers work, and why he responded with anxiety to almost anything he wasn't familiar with.

He taught me everything about behaviour, how to build new and positive associations, and how to "shape" desirable behaviours.

But why am I saying this?

Your messages have the power to build associations and create powerful mental images in your audience's minds.

Your messages trigger responses and it is in your hands to shape your audience's behaviour and connect with them on a deep subconscious level.

If you send the "right" messages then your audience develops the trust and desire to work with you.

Jamie now mostly reminds me when it's time to play - and the rest of the time -  he leaves me to earn the money that funds his toys and adventures...

Some honest client feedback...

Quartz Wealth Logo

 We feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Kirsten. She worked collaboratively to really understand our business and the people working within it. We initially worked with Kirsten because we felt that our copy didn’t convey who we are as people or the value we add to clients. We had new services to offer clients, but we didn’t know how to engage with our audience. Our copy wasn’t engaging and didn’t adequately introduce potential clients to who we are, what to expect when working with us and how we can help them, but we didn’t know how to solve the problem. After working with Kirsten we now feel that the language we use on our website and marketing does a far better job of engaging with our target audience and articulating our value. Overall working with Kirsten was a really positive experience. Not only do we feel that we’ve got far better copy, we came out of the process with a better understanding of the brand’s personality and our individual strengths. This knowledge has helped improve our overall communication and engagement with our potential clients and ultimately enabled us to help more people with our services.

Anna Robinson
General Manager at QUARTZ WEALTH

Quartz Wealth Logo

Before working with Kirsten I wrote a lot of posts, a podcast, and tried to write a blog years ago. I had some training in copy and content creation, but I felt like I wasn’t getting traction. I would write a lot of posts and podcast episode and I wasn’t getting the engagement that I wanted. I often felt frustrated. I had good things to say but wasn’t able to really bring it across to my audience in an impactful way. I also knew I needed to share more stories - about me and my clients - but I had no idea how to do that well. After working with Kirsten I feel way more confident in both my writing and who my audience is! We spent a lot of time working on my audience, what they needed and who they are. It was really helpful because now when I write, I know exactly what problems I’m solving and for whom. When I write my podcast, it has a better flow, more stories, and it’s starting to get more listeners. When I write my content, I know exactly who I’m talking to and it feels so much easier! I signed up to work with Kirsten to learn how to write better posts and I got so much more. I got more clarity on my ideal client, discovered my brand voice, and I learned more about myself and how my strengths serve my clients. Thank you Kirsten for all you do to help me become a better leader, writer, and entrepreneur!!

Kristine Kolzing

Quartz Wealth Logo

OMG words cannot express gratitude to Kirsten. 
I must say I do enjoy writing but it's not the same when you need to create amazing copy that speaks to people. 
My biggest challenge was to summarise my message and words so that it's clear and catchy. I also wanted to make sure that all my copy is aligned with my style and values. 
Kirsten took the time to understand me, my business, and my ideas and put them into life. My biggest fear was that it would not be authentic to me but Kirsten took all notes, and my comments, and my numerous revisions and just made my project alive. 
My Purposeful Travel concept is so important to me and I am so happy and grateful for Kirsten's help as it's going to make an impact and difference to so many people. 
I must say I did a copywriting course and while it was awesome I still felt that I need this helping hand to walk me through the project and boost my confidence as well. 
I would not hesitate to recommend Kirsten to anyone who needs assistance with copywriting and I am sure we will cooperate on a number of occasions. 
In addition, to Kirsten's professionalism, I felt like her values, attitude, and ability to really dig deep is just a so important as well and that what makes a difference. 
Thank you again. 

Marina Gomberg

Making your business visible, heard, and loved - through copy and content that sells and leaves an impact?

Then drop me a line and find out how we can make that happen for you!

“Kirsten wrote the material for the “About Us” segment for my website. I expected Kirsten to go through my CV and write up something; but she spent about two hours with me asking me questions to get to know me as a person beyond who I am as an accountant. She got me confessing of my love of chocolates and interest in quantum physics! I was impressed by Kirsten’s approach which was refreshingly different and authentic. At the end of our meeting I told Kirsten that I feel I have known her for a very long time!”

Amali Fonseca
Accounting Focus

“Kirsten is a true professional and is an absolute pleasure to work with. Her guidance and helpful ideas have supported me reach my goals.
Kirsten is very knowledgeable and walked me through the process while making many positive suggestions along the way. Her tips and willingness to help have made a huge difference. She provided me with ideas from her research, worksheets to guide and explained all the terms in an easy to understand way.
The best thing I liked about Kirsten was she worked very hard to understand exactly what I was trying to achieve and worked with me. I actually felt she truly wanted me to succeed and was part of my plan.
I am truly grateful for all her assistance and guidance and would not hesitate to use her services again.”

Haydon Mattson
NZ Property Lawyer

“What differentiated Kirsten’s work was the depth of understanding gained in the initial engagement period. This investment of her time and approach then easily translating into  unique, timely and quality outputs. From my perspective, she delivered a bespoke product that captured and clearly portrayed my personal brand. A great investment and interaction”

Ian gray